What You Should Know About Bike Insurance

Jun 20


Tom Heath

Tom Heath

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This article includes useful information and guidelines pertaining to motor bike insurance and how to acquire the right policy for yourself.


Do you live for the adrenaline rush and exhilarating experience of riding a motor bike? If that’s your cup of tea make sure you are riding responsibly along with having fun. Being a responsible motor bike rider does not only mean riding responsibly and ensuring safety. It also means having the right bike insurance that’s perfect for you and your motor bike. Motor bike insurance is when a motor bike rider pays a set premium to an insurance company so they will cover certain or all aspects of the expense if an accident takes place. The insurance policy ensures that they are bound to pay for your specific financial losses pertaining to your motor bike.


If you’re thinking of getting a motor bike insurance policy it is very important to first educate yourself and understand all of the conditions and coverage aspects. Most people think that they are covered and only when an accident occurs they are shocked to find that their policy doesn’t cover the damages in that type of situation. Simply put,What You Should Know About Bike Insurance Articles a car ensures more safety to the driver and to others around as opposed to motor bikes. Since motor bikes are high risk most insurance companies are reluctant to cover them. There are three types of motor bike insurance policies which are offered by most insurance companies.


Liability, Collision and Comprehensive are the three major types of motor bike insurance policies. Liability insurance is when the injuries or damages of an accident are covered for the other people involved in an accident. This is the most basic and cheapest insurance policy to get into. However, the drawback of this motor bike policy is that it doesn’t cover you or your motor bike’s damages. Collision coverage is when the policy covers to pay for the damages to you and your motor bike. It is important to check if the cost of the bike will be replaced if it is deemed a total loss by the insurance company. Watch out for policies that have fine print expressing that they will only pay the depreciated value of the bike. That’s a trick most insurance companies use to get away with paying for the complete cost of the bike. You have to make sure and ask about the medical coverage the insurance policy will provide. Most insurance companies which claim to have cheap motor bike insurance policies to offer are covering extremely few aspects of medical coverage or none at all. Comprehensive coverage is a policy which covers incidents such as fire or vandalism damages caused to your motor bike. If your motor bike gets stolen, comprehensive coverage replaces the bike for you. But it will be a difficult claim to make if the bike is stolen with the keys still in the ignition.


            The premium that you pay for a motor bike insurance policy is determined and calculated according to different factors such as: your age, how many years you have had a motor bike driving license, your riding history, for what purpose you will be using the bike, the kind and brand of motor bike, how far you will be riding the motor bike annually, and what area you live in. You are responsible for notifying the insurance company of any changes you have made to the bike whether it is cosmetic or performance enhancing. If you change the purpose of usage for the bike or if other people are using it are also reasons to notify the insurer.


It is easy to save money and get a decent motor bike insurance policy by incorporating a couple tips in your life. An insurer usually offers a mileage discount if you limit the usage of your bike. You can also avoid paying higher premiums by storing the bike in a garage, getting the motor bike fixed with an alarm and other proper security features to avoid it being stolen or vandalized. It is also a good idea to get a policy with higher excess which is what you will pay towards any damages in an accident before the insurance company contributes. In most cases, if you purchase motor bike insurance online you will get it considerably cheaper. If you have the financial means to make your payment all at once as opposed to monthly instalments you will be rewarded with a cheaper motor bike insurance policy. It is also necessary to build a respectable no claims history with the insurance company for a couple of years before you get a bike insured. If they see your credibility beforehand, the chances are you will get a great policy with that insurance company. If you have more than one bike to insure a multi bike insurance policy might be a better option for you to obtain. A multi bike insurance policy allows you to add many bikes under one policy.


There is no instant solution for getting a good deal on motor bike insurance. The key to getting a great deal is maintaining a creditable riding record, no claims history and researching and finding out the options you have with all the insurance companies available before you settle down to pick one.