Why Avoid Credit Repair Services That Offer Suspicious Solutions

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Though many think that illegitimate services can do no harm, there are many reasons why you should avoid them.

There are many credit repair services out there offering magic solutions. They claim that they can erase your negative entries even if they are legitimate,Guest Posting they claim that they can offer you a new credit history to start over and many other asserts that sound suspicious even to the most naive customer. Though many think that these services can do no harm, there are many reasons why you should avoid them.

You may think that the worst scenario is that these companies fail to provide what they promise and you are left just where you started. However, that is not the worst scenario at all. The legal consequences that can rise if you find one of those illegitimate companies that actually do what they promise to do are severe. Thus, you should avoid them no matter how desperate you are to improve your credit.

Erasing Legitimate Entries

Erasing legitimate entries on your credit report is not legally possible. Thus, someone offering to do such thing is either scamming or proposing an illegal activity. There are only some circumstances where a lawyer could dispute a legitimate entry on your credit report if due to some gap on the law or some chink in the procedure that resulted in the report of the delinquency, the entry is not legitimate in the legal sense of the term even if you actually paid late, missed the payment or defaulted on the loan.

But, other than that exceptional circumstances, you should suspect of any company that offers to eliminate legitimate negative entries on your credit report. The consequences of hiring the services of such agencies can range from loosing the money you pay to them to being prosecuted for fraud. As you can see, the risk is too high for you to take it and the results can be disastrous.

Erasing Mistaken Entries On Your Report

This is actually feasible because the law requires that credit bureaus must comply to a request of removal of such entries if after reviewing the case disputed they conclude that the entry was actually mistaken. Thus, it is a good idea to request a copy of your credit report from time to time in order to keep an eye on your credit history in case a negative entry is reported and there is an inconsistency on the information.

That is why it is a good idea to hire the services of legit credit repair agencies. These agencies usually provide monitoring services that alert you immediately every time there is a modification on your credit history and also send you monthly reviews with considerations on how you can improve your credit score or what activities you should avoid to maintain a good credit score and history.

If you find one of these entries on your credit report or if the monitoring service alerts you of one, you should immediately request your credit repair agency to dispute the entry and force the bureau and eventually the creditor to modify their databases to reflect the correct information. This is the only way you can protect your credit from dropping due to mistakes committed by creditors or bureaus.

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