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Insurance existing condition overviews, diagnoses and treatment before the new insurance effective date

Workers' Compensation Insurance - Before Workers' Comp. came about there was no insurance coverage to protect an injured worker. An injured worker is anyone who is employed and is injured on the job. It will also cover an employee if he was hurt during his lunch hour,Guest Posting while running an errand for the company. In the past employers were responsible for the cost of all treatments and wage compensation. This caused many employers to reluctantly not report the injury.   The worker also had to prove that the injury was caused at work by an employers fault. Due to the amount of injured workers per year and industrial accidents legislation had to make provisions for the injured worker. It relieved the employer from being liable except if there was negligence, and it also compensated the employee for wage loss due to the injury, and medical coverage. This coverage also includes rehabilitation to get the employee back to work.   There are two ordinances for Workers' Compensation; Federal employees apply to the those working for the government. State employees compensation are for state and private businesses employers and employees, the laws vary from state to state.   When a worker is injured on the job, he must report the incident to his supervisor and complete an incident report, the employer will then send the employee to a clinic or hospital to be treated. Once at the inpatient or outpatient facility the injured worker will then need to complete another form as to whether this was the first place of treating, all records are crucial for the appointment. The employer and clinic will submit the reports to the workers' compensation office and then an insurance claim adjuster would be assigned to the case for review and approval, of medical care and compensation. Each time the employee is seen by the assigned physician or physical therapist a report will be sent to the Workers' compensation adjuster, as to monitor the care. All states vary on the time allowed to report and injury.   The worker may or may not be able to returned to work as light duty, light duty restricted, partial disability, or permanent disability.  

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