Do you feel dizzy during exercise? Find out why....

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It is very common nowadays to feel dizzy and light headed during exercise but this is preventable. Find out how you can avoid these symptoms and have a better and more enjoyable workout

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Are you one of the many people who suffer from dizzy spells or light headedness during exercise? Many people seem to suffer from dizzy spells either during exercise or afterwards. If you are one of these people then check the list below to see where you may be going wrong:

1. Running on empty - if you exercise in the morning after maybe 10 hours since your last meal then your body is low on many of the nutrients and energy required to get you through your workout. If your carbohydrate stores (glycogen) levels are low then your body will use your muscles and fat for energy and this can be a strain on your system. Consider eating muesli,Guest Posting fruit, porridge - 1 hour before exercise.

2. Lack of fluids - our bodys natural equilibrium of water is very crucial - as you perspire you lose water and this can tip you over the edge. Drink water before, during and after exercise but dont overindulge.

3. Low blood pressure - fast movements from standing to lying can cause dizziness in people suffering from low blood pressure. Take your time between transitions or better still perform all your standing exercise and then all your floor exercises.

4. Blood pooling - after heavy leg exercises (squats, deadlifts) blood rushes to your legs in order to fuel your muscles. Ensure you take time to recover after these exercise and give the blood chance to recirculate. Dont sit down, moving around on your feet will help you return back to normal quicker.

5. Anaemia (iron deficiency) - because you have a lack of red blood cells you have less carriers for your oxygen and so can make it harder when exerted to return oxygen back to your brain.

6. Correct breathing - starving your body of oxygen by shallow breathing or holding your breath during exercise is a definate no no. Concentrate on your breathing and this will not only get you through your exercise session but can improve your lung capacity and control your heart rate too.

7. Too much too soon - if you have been away from exercise for sometime or are trying something new then the shock to your body can cause spells of dizziness. Remember to take things easy and be progressive. Rome wasnt built in a day!

If after following this advice or you still feel concerned about your dizzy spells then consult you local GP.

Dont let dizziness spoil your workouts!!

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