Insanity Asylum P90X Hybrid Schedule Explained HERE!

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Today I'm on Day 12 of the Insanity Asylum P90X Hybrid. What is this you might ask? Well, it's just as it says. Part Insanity Asylum and part P90X workouts. Since I've completed two 90-day rounds of P90X I wanted to add another workout to my daily routine but I didn't want to stop P90X. I'm in luck because Beachbody (the company that markets these workout programs) has a hybrid workout.

The Insanity Asylum workout comes with an agility ladder,Guest Posting bands, jump rope, a 30- day hybrid calendar schedule for Insanity Asylum and P90X and also a 30-day hybrid calendar for Insanity and P90X. So whether you have Insanity or Insanity Asylum, there's a schedule for you. In addition, you get a fat shredder booklet.

The Insanity Asylum workouts are about 43 to 48 minutes long and super intense. Have lots of water and a towel handy during this workout because you'll need it! These 2 workout programs work well with each other. I'll get back to you with my 30-day fabulous results!

Day 1: P90X Chest & Back / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 2: Asylum Vertical Plyo / Asylum Relief

Day 3: P90X Shoulders & Arms / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 4: P90X YogaX

Day 5: P90X Legs & Back / Asylum Relief

Day 6: Asylum Speed & Agility / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 7: Rest Day

Day 8: P90X Back & Biceps / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 9: Asylum Vertical Plyo / Asylum Relieif

Day 10: P90X Chest, Shoulders & Arms / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 11: Asylum Speed & Agility

Day 12: P90X Legs & Back / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 13: Asylum Game Day / Asylum Overtime

Day 14: Rest Day

Day 15: Asylum Strength / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 16: Asylum Vertical Plyo / Asylum Relief

Day 17: P90X Shoulders & Arms / P90X Ab RipperX

Day 18: Asylum Speed & Agility

Day 19: Asylum Strength

Day 20: Asylum Game Day / Asylum Overtime

Day 21: Rest Day

Day 22: Asylum Strength

Day 23: Asylum Vertical Plyo / Asylum Relief

Day 24: Asylum Back to Core

Day 25: Asylum Speed & Agility

Day 26: Asylum Strength

Day 27: Asylum Game Day / Asylum Overtime

Day 28: P90X YogaX

Day 29: Asylum Speed & Agility / Asylum Relief

Day 30: Fit Test

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