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A stair lift is a mechanical structure used to transport physically handicapped people and other heavy items up and down stairs. A stair lift consists of rail track and a carriage. A carriage can be a chair,Guest Posting wheel chair or just a simple platform to transport things.  With the help of this device, physically disable personals can move freely about those certain areas of house that were previously unreachable like living room or upper floor room.
There are many different names for a stair lift like stair glider, escalator and chair lift etc but it makes no difference. The basic difference in stair lifts is the size and shape of rail track. There are two basic types of stair lifts. One is straight and other is curved.
As the name shows, Straight stair lift has a straight rail fitted onto the treads of staircase. In this case, the lift slides up or down the stairs. Straight stair lift is easy to manufacture and install. That is the reason of its being cheapest among all types of stair lifts. Contrary to it, the curved stair lift is hard to manufacture and install because in curved one, rail track have to be selected and measured very carefully and it should be fitted firmly to the staircase n order to avoid any accident or other unpleasant situation. That is the reason why Curved stair lift is more expensive then other types.
Wheelchair platform chair lift is also a type of stair lifts although it consists of a platform rather then a chair. It is used to transport physically handicapped personals with wheel chairs up and down stairs. It consists of folding edges that serve as ramps to avoid the wheel chair from falling down. 
Outdoor stair lift is another type of stair lifts. As the name indicates it is used for outdoor purposes. Outdoor stair lift consists of seats, footrest and platforms. It is actually a type of straight and curved stair lifts but it has some extra functions that are to be performed outdoor.
Another, Not so popular type of stair lifts is goods transporter which of course s used to transport goods up and sown stairs. Normally goods mean groceries, furniture and any other heavy items around house or office.  It consists of no chair or platform but just a tray. It is commonly used in commercial buildings to move documents and other material gods between different floors of building.

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