The Bikini Line Tummy Tuck

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There are different types of tummy tucks for different types of problems. For those women with a small lower abdominal bulge that hangs over a c-section scar, the Bikini Line Tummy Tuck may be a good treatment option. It results in a flat abdomen, a normal unscarred belly button, and a scar that stays inside the bikini line.

As women age,Guest Posting the wear and tear of life takes a toll on their abdomen. Pregnancy and fluctuations in their weight change that once smooth flat abdomen of youth into a battleground for some. Stretch marks, loose skin, and c-section scars is often what is left behind when the child-bearing years are completed.

The c-section scar shrinks and pulls in, creating a lower abdominal bulge as the loose skin ends up overhanging the scar. Often stretch marks extend upward from the scar and around the bellybutton as well. Unfortunately, no amount of dieting and exercise will shrink this skin excess and many women can attest to that observation. Abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck, will get rid of this problem but a traditional or full tummy tuck may be a bigger procedure than many women desire to undergo. The length of a full tummy tuck scar (hip to hip) may be excessive given the amount of lower skin excess. Also, full tummy tucks result in belly button scars as the old belly button is brought back up through a new skini location. Despite my best efforts at making belly button scars, I find most of them to be somewhat visible and not completely normal in appearance.

An alternative approach is a more limited version of an abdominoplasty, known as a mini-tummy tuck or for a better visual understanding, a Bikini Line Tummy Tuck. With this approach, the length of the resulting scar is shorter but, more importantly, it stays very low. (therefore the name Bikini Line) The scar is put very low as the amount of skin removed is less than a full tummy tuck and the cutout is done below the level of the belly button. This allows the initial incision of the cut out to be put as low as possible and does not place a lot of tension on the final skin closure which can cause it to be pulled up higher. (as occurs in a full tummy tuck) In addition, no scar results around the belly button since as it is repositioned lower from underneath the skin before the final skin closure.

While many women, due to the size of their abdominal excess, are not good candidates for the Bikini Line Tummy Tuck, about half of the female patients that I see are. If the women is not overweight with a small lower abdominal pooch, with or without a c-section scar, she may be an ideal candidate. A flat abdomen, a normal-appearing belly button, and a resulting scar that fits inside the bikini line is the result.

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