The Effective Ways of Building up Your Triceps

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No one likes looking flabby and weak and a lot of men and women want to increase the strength and tone of their arms. This article offers a few simple instructions to building up your triceps in order to get the best results for your arms.

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When somebody refers to the overall size of their arms, it is not the more obvious bicep they are really talking about, but their triceps. The triceps are actually far larger than the biceps, but located at the back of your arm they are less apparent. Triceps have a big influence on the shape of your arms so it would be mad to overlook them when training.

The tricep is used in many shoulder and chest exercises so to get the most out of any weights programme you will need to include tricep exercises. You should really be regularly exercising the triceps.

The triceps have become more of a focal area due to changes in fashion; a lot of men’s clothes are designed to highlight the triceps. Also, no one wants to have bingo wings as saggy and flabby triceps are known. There isn’t really any way to develop these muscles except with weights exercises.

Try close grip bench presses to work the triceps effectively. Ensure that your hands are around 6 inches apart when you are performing the exercise. Other than this it is just like a normal bench press. You will find that now the work is taken from your chest and goes to the triceps. When doing this you may not want to lower the weight all the way to your chest as this can put too much stress on your wrists.

Another variation on the bench press is the reverse grip bench press. Keep your hands in the normal bench press position, and simply reverse the normal overhand grip. Instead you should look like you are holding the bar for a bicep curl. Again, this puts more resistance on your triceps rather than your pectorals. This method can take some getting used to so be careful when trying to lift heavy weights.

Tricep extensions are another exercise that specifically targets the triceps. This is where you lift a weight over your head with your arm straight, then lower the weight down behind your head before raising it back to the starting point above your head. Tricep extensions can be done seated or standing, with a number of different weight types including barbells, dumbbells, curl bars and cables.

As you get towards the end of your workout a nice exercise to include is the cable pushdown. This essentially will involve pushing down a rope against a weight; there are some good machines for doing it. The triceps will contract with each repetition. By pulling your hands outward while performing a pushdown you can get a good tricep pump.

By doing these exercises frequently you can really target your triceps and start toning and developing your arms.

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