The Most Important Yoga Asana for Beginners – Kranti Yoga School

May 27




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here i am telling about the yoga poses for beginners guide wiil give you the best guidelines, tips and recommendation you need to start a successful yoga practice.


The corona virus has caused lockdown conditions all over the world. The government has also announced a 51-day lockdown to prevent corona virus infection in India. In such a situation,The Most Important Yoga Asana for Beginners – Kranti Yoga School Articles people will stay indoors for an extended time and from there will work from home.

In such circumstances, some people may find it difficult to do yoga, because neither can they go to the yoga studio to do it nor can the yoga teacher come to them. During this case, doing yoga at home is the only way left.

The beauty of yoga is that all it needs is a place where a yoga mat comes. The rest should be a quiet environment, nothing more is needed. For this reason, great yogis or yoga teacher of Indiahave also described yoga as a way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Practicing yoga promotes physical, mental and spiritual progress. It also helps you to create yourself better than before. You’ll also get the advantages of weight loss with consciousness, awareness and mental peace by doing yoga. There are many Yoga asanas which can be practiced at home. Especially once you don't have the chance or time to attend a full session of yoga.

Some people do not do yoga because they feel that yoga is very hard or they will not be able to do it.  Many people start yoga with Yoga Poses which are a bit difficult and provide difficulty in getting started, due to which they leave Yoga.

Yoga for beginners should always be done with some easy Yoga Poses as it can be a bit difficult to do it for the first time. If you are going to start doing yoga, then you can practice the following yoga poses, it is very easy and also beneficial for health.

In today's world, a busy routine slowly clogs everyone, everybody needs to reduce stress and meditate. Giving a complete healing in every way, yoga has the ability to rekindle your senses and give your body new energy of life. Yoga has immense benefits in our life.

That is the main reason everyone wants to come to India and be interviewed with their inner nature. Our country is also increasing interest towards it by organizing international yoga festivals in many cities. Here are five major yoga places of India, where you can experience a new type of life.






About Goa: Shining blue water, golden sand and a brilliant sunset! Imagine doing yoga rugs and meditation practices in the picturesque backdrop of Goa. There are so many yoga schools in Goa where all the latest facilities are available, and this place attracts a large number of yoga fans from India and abroad. The most taught and practiced yoga is Ashtanga Yoga in Goa.

By joining a few workshops, centers and projects, you can change in accordance with the pressure and demand of current life. Make yoga another purpose behind visiting Goa. Plan your holiday to Goa to exploit being re-stimulated!

Those who start yoga should do light yoga. If he performs any tough yoga, then the time of injury is high. In the beginning, those practicing yoga should follow some instructional principles being told while practicing yoga.

It is necessary to know some things before practicing yoga.

1: Yoga practice should be done with calms body and mind in the atmosphere of peace and bliss.

2: It should be done on an empty stomach or light stomach. If you experience weakness, you should drink honey mixed with lukewarm water.

3: Light and comfortable cotton clothes should be preferred for ease of body movements.

4: In case of any chronic disease, pain or heart related problems; a doctor or yoga practitioner should be consulted before practicing yoga.

5: The practice session should begin with prayer or worship because it creates a supportive atmosphere for peace of mind.

6: Yoga exercises should be done slowly, stress-free, with body and breathe awareness.

7: Do not hold your breath until you are asked to do so.

8: Do not tighten the body or with a jerk.

9: Do exercises according to your abilities.

10: It is advisable to take food or bath after 20 - 30 minutes of the practice session.

If you are a beginner and wish to learn Meditation, Retreat and the art of various yoga asanas for beginners, you can join beginner yoga classes at  our Yoga school  or you can join 100 hour yoga teacher training in Goa where you will Yoga will be found in the right environment to understand the concept.  Here I am going to tell you some yoga postures which are very important for beginners.

Some Basic Yoga Asans for Beginners

Adho Mukha Svanasana Yoga

Tadasana Yoga

Sukhasana Yoga

Shavasana Yoga

Virabhadrasana Yoga

Vrikasana Yoga

Setubandhasana Yoga

Trikonasana Yoga

Bhujangasana Yoga

 Balasana Yoga

 Ardha Matsyendrasana Yoga