7 Yoga Career Opportunities in India Worth Trying

Aug 31




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Read on learn about the 7 career opportunities in yoga in the land of its origin.


Yoga is an ancient form of a disciplinary practice that originated in India for a healthy mind and body. It helps re-vitalize our body,7 Yoga Career Opportunities in India Worth Trying Articles mind and souls to promote personal well-being. Over the years this practice found its roots spreading to the western countries, became modernized to become what we know it today - Yoga.


Yoga still carries its basic and ancient essence, making it a prominent activity for physical fitness and regulating mind. Yoga asanas and pranayama require good training and practice before we can indulge in this holy and recreational activity. This has given rise to many job profiles and Yoga teacher training courses in India. The yoga training courses help leap towards becoming a Registered Yoga Trainer (RYT). Making a career in Yoga is a very sound practice that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself and preach the same. Yoga is still an untapped market in India, as compared to western countries. Choosing a career in Yoga in its birth country would be an efficient idea.

Here are some Yoga career opportunities worth trying:

  1. Yoga teacher

To become a professional yoga teacher with a valid certification, one can join a Yoga Teacher Training and select from 200 Hour, 300 Hour or 500 Hour Yoga teacher training courses to become a Registered Yoga Trainer. This opens the gate for multiple opportunities and one can search for jobs in the same field. Yoga teachers may work independently or join a company, school or a yoga studio to practice the art they’ve learned.

  1. Studio Manager

This is an interesting role to work as a Yoga studio manager before you can open your own studio. You get to learn and build your knowledge of how to manage a Yoga studio. Being a studio manager requires basic knowledge of Yoga with exceptional communication skills to get people on board. There are many Yoga studios nowadays and require multi-talented people to operate and run their businesses. You can be their golden charm and work on your business skills alongside.

  1. Festival/Retreat Organizer

Yoga retreats and festivals are getting immensely popular, making them a perfect blend of vacations with the therapeutic effects of Yoga. There are several Yoga retreats and festivals that are organized worldwide, every year. Be a part of the organizing teams or organize your own festival or retreat. You will be amazed to see the clientele looking for spiritual retreats and festivals. This career opportunity will help you get close with people of different lifestyles and backgrounds and the way they see Yoga as a way of living, and not a boring exercise class. Yoga retreat in Bali, 3HO Yoga Festival in Europe, Spirit Festival in Ubud, and Wanderlust Yoga are famous examples of Yoga retreat/festivals.

  1. Yoga Researcher

There are many scientific researches being sanctioned by various agencies to understand the physical and mental effects of Yoga. Yoga researchers are still studying the benefits of Yoga over diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, HIV, smoking cessation and other health and mental conditions. You can also be a part of such programs and discover how Yoga can be used in welfare of our physical and psychological aspects.

  1. Yoga therapist

Yoga therapist is a different profession from Yoga teaching. Yoga therapy helps focus on a set of symptoms or health conditions and using the therapeutic Yoga techniques to get relief from them. Yoga therapist also works with groups to work on a localized physical or psychological field. This field requires good training in Yoga therapy and science.

  1. Entrepreneur

With the immense popularity of Yoga and its benefits, it has given rise to a number of businesses for Yoga accessories. The market is getting flooded with specialized and custom yoga mats, yoga clothing, yoga gear, yoga health supplements, and Ayurveda supplements. It’s not too late to capitalize in this market with a clever idea and promote physical and mental fitness through Yoga.

  1. Yoga Aerobics instructor

This is a modernized version of a Yoga Instructor with trendy choreographic exercises. An important role of this profession is to choreograph fun and interesting aerobics workout with the healing effects of Yoga to make lively and health-oriented sessions. Yoga Aerobics instructor usually works with gymnasiums or in stand-alone studios.



Today people are getting aware and conscious about their physical and mental health. It is a good idea to tap on that market to help people achieve their aims and get your career started in the same field. The fitness industry is a rapidly growing sector with new opportunities being created every other day. Gymnasiums and workout centers are becoming very mainstream, with people demanding something new and creative. It’s the right time to put your foot in the market with innovative and groundbreaking ideas with the divine knowledge of Yoga.