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It is estimated that one in four people suffer from bad breath. If you are, or could be, one of them, read this article to determine the likely cause of your bad breath. Once you know the cause, the cure becomes much simpler.

When you are looking for a cure for bad breath,Guest Posting you will have to examine the cause of the bad breath in order to treat it effectively. Bad breath is a common condition that affects one in four people and it is good to know that there is a cure and bad breath can be treated effectively.

There are many causes of bad breath including oral bacteria, foods, smoking, dentures, and dry mouth. Each of these different causes of bad breath will be related to either chronic or short-term bad breath. You can find a cure for bad breath for each of these conditions.

Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria is a number one cause of chronic bad breath and can be eliminated through regular brushing and flossing of your teeth and regular brushing or scraping of your tongue. Oral bacterial lives in your mouth and seems to favour the tongue as one of its favorite hiding spots. You must dislodge food particles and plaque from your mouth so that bacteria cannot thrive in your mouth. When you adopt a regular brushing and flossing routine, you can eliminate oral bacteria and bad breath from your life.

Food Caused Bad Breath

Foods such as onions and garlic can cause short-term bad breath and it is recommended that you eat a sprig of parsley, cloves, fennel seeds or peppermint to mask the odour. The odour cannot be eliminated because it originates in your intestinal tract and you must wait a day for the odour to leave your body naturally.

Smoking Caused Bad Breath

Smoking causes chronic bad breath from the smell of the tobacco and because it leaves your gums and teeth prone to gum disease which causes bad breath. In order to prevent the risk of mouth and gum disease and bad breath caused by smoking, it is recommended that you quit smoking.

Dentures And Bad Breath

Dentures can cause chronic bad breath when the dentures are not cleaned regularly. Food particles can be caught in the appliances and unless the dentures are washed regularly, the food particles will help oral bacteria thrive in your mouth.

Dry Mouth Caused Bad Breath

Dry mouth is a condition that can cause short-term or chronic bad breath because moisture helps to clean the tissues of the mouth. If the mouth is too dry, bacteria cannot be moved away from the mouth. You can drink the recommended daily amount of water and juices to replenish the moisture in your mouth tissues and this will help to flush out oral bacteria. Brushing and flossing must be regularly maintained when a dry mouth condition is present to prevent bad breath.

If you want to find a cure for bad breath, you must match the remedy to the cause of the bad breath. When you have found a cure for bad breath that works for you, you will feel like it is a new beginning.

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