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Want whiter teeth like all the Hollywood stars seem to have? Find out what the secrets to avoiding stained, yellow teeth are, and how you can bring back the white teeth you had when you were younger.

We all want a nice smile,Guest Posting and what adds more appeal to a nice smile than white, bright teeth? Nice teeth that do not have stains and aren't tinted yellow are a pivotal part to getting the smile you want, and are a necessity for models, actors and actresses, since they are forever flashing their pearly whites to the press. Have you ever seen someone smile who has yellowed teeth? It definitely puts a damper on the sparkle factor.

The good news is that even if you are a smoker or you happen to drink a lot of teeth-staining beverages such as tea or coffee, you can take steps to lessen the yellowing and browning effects on your teeth.

The first good tip for coffee and tea drinkers is one that some may scoff at, but it definitely reduces the contact of the staining factor to the teeth, which is what is needed for stain avoidance.

Try drinking staining beverages through a straw. This way, the drink passes by the teeth and goes straight down the throat, minimizing contact and therefore also minimizing it's potential to stain the teeth.

The reason that teeth absorb deeply colored foods and beverages is that they have a degree of porosity to them, just like every bone in the body, and because of their porous quality, they do absorb and take on deep colors, making them appear brown or yellow instead of their natural white.

As we age, you see this process intensify, since our teeth have absorbed thousands of staining foods and beverages as we get older and consume more and more over time. Plus, the aging process alone can leave teeth duller and tinted. Drinking damaging beverages through a straw will help with the introduction of these substances that speed the staining process up.

Basically, the stronger you drink your tea or coffee, the more staining potential it has, and the less white your teeth will be over time, unless you dilute it a bit with water to create a lighter liquid, which is less damaging to the whiteness of your teeth. If this is not an option for you, try the straw trick.

If you are a smoker, you really can't avoid the tar that emits from smoke from clinging to your teeth and sinking in to create a darker appearance, but there are some products you can try that help to take the tar off, but they must be used once every night at least, especially after a day of smoking.

One is a mouthwash called Targon which is used prior to brushing the teeth. It helps to pull tar stains out of the teeth, and loosening them up so that when you brush your teeth you are actually brushing tar stains out. Many smokers swear by this one.

Strawberries are actually a natural tooth whitener, especially when eaten raw and by themselves. Not only are they a natural teeth whitener, but they are also high in antioxidants and tasty, so noshing on strawberries daily can help to whiten teeth naturally.

There are several tooth whitening chewing gums available now that claim to help combat stains and keep teeth white and bright. If you pop a piece of this gum after you're eaten a meal with staining foods or a beverages that is dark in color, this may help to offset the effects of the food or beverage consumed.

Also several great teeth whitener toothpastes are available, so if you carry around a travel size toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste, you can use it after you've consumed a harmful substance.

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