The History of Elliptical Machines

Jan 23


Jennifer Dennis

Jennifer Dennis

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The History of ... ... presence of ... trainers has grown more and more ... in the last few years. Go into any public gym and you will see that the number of ... tra


The History of Elliptical MachinesThe presence of elliptical trainers has grown more and more prevalent in the last few years. Go into any public gym and you will see that the number of elliptical trainers is more than the number of treadmills! While the treadmill is a popular method of exercise,The History of Elliptical Machines Articles fitness enthusiasts have grown to love and look forward to a rewarding hour on the elliptical trainer. With each year, more and more people realize how important it is to stay fit. Obesity, high cholesterol and more are increasing among our population, year after year. Children are now getting diseases formerly seen in elderly adults—all due to the fact that they are in poor health. With increased aerobic activity, an individual will add years to their life, as well as appreciate a stronger body, higher self-confidence and so much more!Elliptical trainers are a direct result of individuals wanting a superior fitness workout. For years, fitness experts have encouraged cardiovascular exercise to help circulation, burn fat, build stronger bones and muscles and more. The best results were garnered from hiking, running and other weight-bearing activities. Fitness equipment mimicked these natural exercises with the creation of the treadmill, stepper and others. Unfortunately, these exercises also contributed to additional stress on the back, knees and other joints. There was a need for a machine that could generate maximum cardiovascular exercise—with minimal stress and pressure on the back and joints.Enter the elliptical machine. Like many other fitness equipment pieces, when the elliptical first arrived, it was a huge success. Some in the fitness industry, however, questioned its staying power. How long would this one last? The elliptical machine (and its manufacturers) has silenced those critics. Year after year, the popularity of elliptical trainers shines. The goal to create a machine that helped a body expend maximum calories through minimal pressure was complete.The term “elliptical” comes from the idea that the exercise motion performed is a “preferred pattern of movement.” When you jump on an elliptical machine, the pedals move in an egg-shape or oval “preferred pattern,” creating a rhythmic, smooth movement that works your body—without any stress on the back or joints.The first elliptical was created by Precor in 1995. A key component of the 'elliptical machines’ success was due to the fact that a beginner and expert fitness enthusiast alike could jump on and receive a superior workout in a variety of ways—immediately! Reebok came on board with an invaluable addition to the elliptical machine design - an upper body workout. In 1997, upper body handle bars were added for additional benefit. By adding handle bars that move with the body, an individual can get an upper body workout that is just as effective as the lower With each year, elliptical trainers have improved. Today’s handles pump in perfect coordination with the pedals, enhancing the workout tremendously. In addition, the upper body handles create a more natural walking/striding motion for your increased enjoyment. With premier construction and advanced technological benefits, each new model and style machine has additional monitors, features and more for your use. With the addition of a variety of exciting fitness programs into premier machines, the fitness community has a great machine to achieve a range of exercise goals. Since the elliptical machine mimics the natural movements of your body, you can easily and effectively burn calories, tone your body and more through its unique motions. Monitor your workout with the added speed, time and fitness level readings on the panel in front of you throughout the length of your workout. As the number of distributors and manufacturers of elliptical machines increases, the competitive nature is sure to bring new and exciting features and benefits to the machine. Give yourself a great workout on an elliptical machine today!

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