5 Best Practices for Fresh Fish Handling You Need to Know

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We all know that proper handling and storage are necessary when working with fish. Fish that are not stored correctly can taste bad and have a terrible texture. 

We all know that proper handling and storage are necessary when working with fish. If you want to reduce the risks of foodborne illness,Guest Posting it is crucial to handle any seafood with extra care. Fish that are not stored correctly can taste bad and have a terrible texture. You can chill the fish in fish fridges, but it also requires many techniques and experience. Even an expert can make many mistakes while handling fish. It doesn’t matter whether it is a trout, sailfish, bass, or any other fish. You should know that handling fish is not as easy as it seems. If you are confused about handling and storing your freshly-caught fish, then read the techniques mentioned below.

Be Gentle

As we have mentioned before, fish are delicate. The one thing you must need to remember is that handling fish gently is necessary. You need to pick the fish delicately to reduce the risks of physical damage. If you don’t grasp the fish gently, it will bruise the fish. And bruising changes the texture and flavor of the fish. Moreover, bruising can also cause a quickening of bacteria.

Keep it Clean

A clean environment is necessary to store fish. Your only aim should be to prevent the fish from contamination. Make sure you wash your hands with clean water thoroughly before handling the fish. The fridge in which you are storing fish should also be clean. If you are chilling the fish in ice, make sure that the ice is clear from contamination and bacteria. Even the cutting boards and knives should also be clean. The best way to clean utensils is to wash them with hot soapy water. It will remove the bacteria, dirt, and other germs. To avoid cross-contamination, keep the raw and cooked fish in different containers. Don’t forget to rinse fish under cold running water.

Keep it Moist

Keeping the fish moist is very important. Most people tend to ignore this, but if you are not keeping your fish moist, it will dehydrate your fish. No one likes dehydrated fish. Dehydration can affect the texture of your fish badly. Another benefit to keeping it moist is to minimize weight loss that can affect the appearance of fish. The suitable temperature to chill fish is between -1 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius.


If you have store-bought fish, then I would advise you to store it in its original packing. Store the fridge in the coldest part of your fridge or the meat-keeper drawer. You should use your refrigerated fish within two to three days. The temperature of your fridge should be 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


To freeze your fish, make sure it is tightly packed. You also cover it in aluminum foil afterward. Never refreeze already frozen fish. It will ruin your fish. Make sure there is no air or extra moistness in your fish. Always pat dry the fish before freezing it.

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