9 Reasons to snack on fox nuts

Nov 13


Farheen Qamar

Farheen Qamar

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Snacking needs no excuse. And with the increasing awareness and discussions for a healthy lifestyle, there has been a shift in snacking trends. Over the oil-dripping fried munchies, there is a rising preference for healthy snacks which include dried fruits or roasted nuts.


In this globalized landscape with everything easily accessible,9 Reasons to snack on fox nuts Articles these essentials are no exception. Even if the vendor is not in your city, there are numerous options where the item will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Dry Fruit Zone is an online one-stop solution for all such needs. Whether it is a plain dry fruit or assorted gift packs, you can get all your requirements delivered to your home at the convenience of a click. Be it refreshments, assorted or roasted nuts, and dry fruits, you get premium quality items delivered straight from the fresh produce.

Makhana or Fox Nut is one such delicacy which is in widespread use in all households A popular snack item, fox nuts are high on the nutrition scale with all the beneficial factors in the making.

Here are nine reasons why foxnuts make an excellent companion in your sessions of ponderings and gatherings.

1.  Glucose and Fibre-rich diet

The fiber component in your diet has a very healthy contribution to the overall mechanism of metabolic regulations. Fox nuts are high in their fiber content. They have good digestive properties. This nutritional factor lacks in the fried snacks we prefer. 

Being high in carbohydrate content, fox nuts are valuable to people having wheat allergies. The gluten-free factor in makhanas makes them companions to people on strict diets. The low fat, low saturated and carbohydrate factors are the gym-freaks comrades. If you are on a diet, have a bowl of makhana in one hand, and the calorie-counter on the other. The result will be a guilt-free munch on satisfaction and bliss.

2.  Protein richness factor

The fox nuts are very high in protein content. Proteins are very essential substances that contribute to the structural and functional regulation of body cells. A protein-rich diet is essential not only for the above-mentioned reason but for the muscle and tissue makeup as well. 

3.  Healthy Heart’s contribution

Fox nuts are low in fat and sodium content. High sodium intake in the body directly shoots the blood pressure levels up. High blood pressure has another list of the harm it does on the vital organs and blood transport in the human body. 

For hypertensive patients, it is advised to munch on fox nuts as they help regulate the sodium, potassium and calcium levels in the blood and contribute to a healthy being.

Fox nuts have very low saturated fat content. Whereas the usual preference for our in-between-meals snacks is high in fat and cholesterol content, makhanas will provide for the dietician’s words for a healthy choice.

4.  Diabetic-friendly

Not only good for hypertensive patients, but the low fat and high fiber content is also a supplement to the diabetic human. If you have diabetes and have urges to snack regularly but need items that will have no fluctuating effect on your sugar levels and make you feel full as well, fox nuts are your preferred companions in these cases. Because of the low glycemic index in foxnuts, the sugar level is kept balanced and the feeling of fullness will satisfy your hunger pangs.

5.  Good for your bones

Calcium-rich content contribution in fox nuts is a major factor to chose them for your snack. Calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth. The richness in small intakes of these fox nuts will make your joints and muscle smile with reduced tension and decrease pain.

6.  Detoxifying properties

The therapeutic effects on spleen are an additional benefit fox nuts take pride in. Spleen is considered the graveyard of blood cells, cleansing and purifying the body of dead cells. They detoxify the blood, flushing out toxins and this property of detoxification makes the nuts a go-to-snack to enhance a healthier lifestyle.

7.  Antioxidant-al

Glucoside content in fox nuts provides to their antioxidant property. This antioxidant property of fox nuts has made them the ladies’ favorite as well. Antioxidant properties lead to anti-aging effects on humans, which in turn has other healthier benefits.

With increased antioxidant levels in your bloodstream, the cells stand as a shield to stress and anxiety twinges.

8.  Anti-Inflammatory aid

Fox nuts have a chemical compound in them, flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants have a positive effect on human health, for they reduce inflammation and in turn decreasing the risk for cardiovascular disease. 

9.  Fertility Aids

Dieticians recommend fox nuts for patients with infertility issues. With aphrodisiacal properties, fox nuts help in improving the quantity and quality of semen in males, aiding with their premature ejaculations and with nutritionally healthier impact to infertile women.

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