Allam Avakaya Pickle

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Telangana's Allam Avakaya or Allapu Avakai Pickle

Telangana  Allam Avakaya / Allapu Avakai Pickle (ages in earthen pots)


Highlights :

  • The specialty Pickle on Telangana 
  • Aged in Earthen Pots
  • Helps in improving digestion
  • helping in improving & enriching the healthy gut flora.


Avakay (Raw Cut Mango pickle) can be considered as the king of pickles in Telangana and Andhra. When it comes to Telangana  Allam Avakaya also called Allapu Avakaya is a twist to the regular avakaya pickle and is prepared across Telangana by adding Ginger paste to this cut mango pickle which is available online at Sitara Foods Store. Any one will absolutely fall in love with this pickle and prefer Allam Avakay compared to other regular Avakay if they are bit more of a ginger person,Guest Posting because of the extra flavor it has got. The preparation process of Allam Avakaya /  Allapu Avakaya pickle is almost similar to avakay pachadi with an extra addition of ginger garlic paste. This addition of ginger and garlic paste to mango pickle adds a new taste to the mango pickle and become more flavorful.


** It has to be noted that the Allam Avakaya pickle taste better as it ages compared to regular avakaya pickle as the ginger and garlic paste starts adding good taste and flavor as it ages. So, in our process we age the pickle as least few months in an earthen pots / matti kundalu to get it enriched with flavour and taste. Best for helping in improving digestion and enriching the healthy gut flora.

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