Bread and cereals gone stale? Oh my!

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With most foods such as cereals, bread and more, the first thought when it becomes stale is to throw it in the trash. Given the struggles of most people today trying to get a grip on their resources, we hope to give a couple ideas to solve the problem of stale food. The fewer goods we waste the more we can stretch our dollars. Which is awesome! Hopefully this info will help you breathe longer life into cookies, bread, dessert treats, crackers and other foods that go stale and help you stretch your grocery budget.

As many of us have been trying to stretch dollars for years,Guest Posting sometimes it seems like we face the same old stale problems over and over again. We face the choice of spending money on a car tune up and repair or on better clothes. Or the choice of buying the higher quality item for a higher price hoping it does the job better and lasts longer or buying the less expensive option to save the money currently available.

I'm sorry, I don't have answers for these stale old, continuous situations....I wish I did....they seem to be repeaters or at least similar to so many that we face.

I DO however have solutions to some genuine 'stale' problems....of course in the food division.

By now, if you know me, you may realize that if it sin't growing anything on it, I'm going to find a way to still use food. What can you do when items go stale? Some things don't work when they're bricks rather than biscuits. There just may be some solutions to these issues. Actually there are a number of solutions for the same old stale problems of stale food....

Let's look into some typical foods that get stale and crusty and the solutions to salvage them rather than trashing them:

Stale cereals or crackers: When these items go stale they are actually bland, chewy, moist and not enjoyable as a food at all! Just lay crackers out or pour cereal from the box on a cookie sheet and place in a 200 degree oven for 15 -20 minutes or in a dehydrator for an hour. Then as soon as the cereal or crackers have become cool or room temperature again (not warm at all) put in air tight bags and use as usual.

Rice Krispie Treats, Hard biscuits or cookies: Did you leave the cookies out and they got rock hard and are only good now for skipping on water? Do you risk damaging a tooth? Of course not. Any baked good that is now dry can usually be softened (without a microwave) by placing the item in a tightly sealable plastic bag or under a cake dome with half an apple. That's right, slice an apple in half (be sure to eat the other half) and place among those concrete cookies or brick rice krispies under glass or in plastic and in a few hours - Tah-Dah! Edible again!

Stale Loaf or French Bread: There are so very many alternatives for still using bread that can be sliced even once it's gone stale. Make French Toast; make croutons; make bread pudding; make bread crumbs - get creative with bread that may have gone stale and use it up.

Don't give up on food too quickly, but no matter what you do to find a solution to the same old stale problems with some foods, be sure they are free from mold.

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