Fruit Platters as Holiday Centerpieces: Tips and Tricks

Feb 25


Larry Macdonald

Larry Macdonald

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During celebrations and parties, the decorations and accessories you use to make the room festive are really important. If you want decors that catch ...


During celebrations and parties,Fruit Platters as Holiday Centerpieces: Tips and Tricks Articles the decorations and accessories you use to make the room festive are really important. If you want decors that catch your visitors’ eyes, while filling the stomach at the same time, consider a fruit platter as your centerpiece for occasions such as Thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas, etc.

Whether or not the party is supposed to be casual or more on the fancier side, edible fruit arrangements will surely suit your décor and dessert needs. By using fruit platters as centerpieces, you will surely be hitting two birds in one stone. The most common way of arranging a fruit platter as a centerpiece is to make use of vases, bowls, as well as other attractive containers then fill them up with whole fruits e.g. limes, strawberries, and many more. The said arrangements will without doubt add color to any event. In case there are leftovers, you may make shakes or juices from the remaining fruits after the party.

Here are other ideas on how you can come up with stunning fruit arrangements that will help your party in becoming the talk of the town:

  1. In between the whole fruits that you place inside vases, it is a good idea to insert flowers, whether plastic or the real deal, to add to the attractiveness and pops of color. It is also necessary that you think about which flowers will match or complement the colors provided by your chosen fruits. For example, the yellow color of lemons will definitely be in harmony with white tulips, roses, or lilies.

  2. Instead of just filling a vase with flowers, why not arrange fruits in a way that they form the shape of a bouquet of flowers? In this way, you’ll have not only a striking centerpiece, but also edible fruit arrangements that the guests will not only have fun looking at, but also be delighted in having a taste. To be able to make ‘fruit flowers’ instead of serving just a plain fruit platter to guests, place the so called ‘florist’s foam’ inside a big enough container, slice your fruits, then insert sticks into them, afterwards, insert those sticks into the florist’s foam. You may also dip those fruits first in chocolate for more tasty treats.

3. Another great idea is for you to make use of the so called fruit platter cascading design which is a type of centerpiece that is dependent upon the layering of fruits on a striking platter. It is best to use assorted fruits like pineapples, strawberries, oranges, etc. You just have to pile and layer everything on the platter then complete your edible fruit arrangements with dips e.g. yogurt dips, chocolate dips, and the likes. It is ideal to place your cascading fruit platters on the center where guests can immediately see them and take some delightful fruit to munch on all throughout the party.

When creating edible fruit arrangements or filling out a fruit platter, remember too, that it is very much recommended to make use of fruits that are in season. For Thanksgiving celebrations, for example, apples are highly suggested. For Christmas parties, cranberries as well as oranges will be good fruits to use in your centerpiece.