Most Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh Must Have

Nov 23


Meera Rawat

Meera Rawat

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Whether veg or non-veg, from savory to sweet, Uttar Pradesh is the place where you can have the best food. Lucknow has the best non-veg food in the city whereas you can enjoy the famous Paan in Banaras. Agra gives you petha, whereas Mathura gives you Pede. Whatever your choice is, you can enjoy yourself in different corners of the state.


The diversity within the culture and the tradition of the state can be seen in their cuisine as well. Ranging from the classic sabziyon to the delicate and scrumptious delicacies like the chaat,Most Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh Must Have Articles samosa, pede, and pakodas.


The cuisine consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. Being a large state, the cuisine of VP shares a lot of dishes and recipes with the neighboring states of Delhi, Uttrakhand, Haryana, along with Mughlai and Awadhi cuisine.


The best food in the city is the delicacies of Nawabs. Cooking techniques in Uttar Pradesh are different from the classic Mughlai food in Delhi. The cooking pattern is similar to those of the rest of Northern India.


The famous recipes of Lucknow are the tunda kebabs and kakori kebabs that are flavored with rich spices and seeds.

  The Best Foods of Uttar Pradesh to Relish   Biryani ka Zarda


No just Hyderabad is famous for its biryani. Scrumptious Zarda is a Mughlai dish relished by the locals in Lucknow and is prepared during the month of Ramadaan and Eid festivals. The exotic Zarda is prepared by steaming fine rice along with the milk and sweetened with sugar and condensed milk to add flavor. To make the dish rich, some diced almonds, raisins, pistachios, etc are added.



Petha is something you will only find in the famous city of Uttar Pradesh. Made from the delicate white ash gourd (Pumpkin), this sweet is relished across the nation. The signature delicacy originated by the Mughal Petha is made by soaking the pumpkin in the sugar syrup flavored with green cardamom powder, saffron, and rose water. Petha is available in various flavors to relish. 

  Kachori Sabzi


Uttar Pradesh is also famous for street food lovers. You shall find people enjoying a variety of chaats on the streets. Among the variety of street food, the all-time favorite street food is Kachori Sabzi. The crunchy, khasta kachori is made from the small round portions of fine flour stuffed with spicy masala, lentil, and boiled mashed potatoes for flavor. Some serve kachori with green and tamarind chutney, while others serve with hot, spicy, and sour curry of potatoes and chickpeas. 



The Nawabs recipe is incomplete without the Kebab. Not just Lucknow, other cities of Uttar Pradesh draws people towards the famous kebabs. The aromatic and flavorful kebabs are prepared with a melange of Indian spices. They are made from the finest of lambs, which are mixed with rich spices. 

  Tokari Chaat


Chaats in all forms are famous across the nation. This Tokri Chaat is equally famous and delicious as any other. The chaat is a mix of spicy, sour, and tangy flavors that makes the dish mouth-watering. The unique chaat is made where a crispy tokri is filled with diced boiled potatoes, boiled chickpeas, yogurt, spiced with salt, red chili powder, Chaat Masala, cumin powder, green and red tamarind chutney topped with namkeen sev and pomegranate and served as well as eaten instantly to avoid it get soggy.



The signature of Banaras is Paan, which rests in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. The famous mouth-freshener is generally relished after the meal. The highly tempting Paan is prepared from the sweet betel leaf smeared with lime and catechu. To add more flavor, the Paan is stuffed with soft and chewy beetle nuts, Gulkand, flavored nuts, green cardamom, sweet chutney, sugar-coated fennel seeds, etc. 


Whether it is a heavy lunch or dinner or at any time of the day you want. There are different flavors to enjoy Paan in Uttar Pradesh. One of the famous Paan is the Malai Paan. Loaded with crystalized sugar, dry-fruits rolled into a triangular shape sprinkled with rose water. Malai Paan is served cold this heavily sweet and salty flavor will tingle those taste buds.

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