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A starter is the first course in a meal of several courses, designed to be light enough to whet the appetite whilst still allowing room for the remaining courses. The role of the starter is to enliven the palette and prepare the diner for the courses to come without over-facing them. For this reason light meats such as beef Carpaccio or a fish course such as smoked salmon or crab have become popular starter recipes served in high-end restaurants.

The French word for starter is entree and its origins were said to come from 15th Century banquet halls,Guest Posting denoting the entry of the starter into the room, where it would be paraded around before being served to the high table.

Starter recipes from across the globe have become highly popular in Britain today. An influx in Thai, Malaysian and Indian restaurants in the late 90’s have seen an increase in the international cuisine we cook at home. Thai starter recipes are desirable with their delicate balance of chilli and sweet flavours and are easy starter recipes to try at home. Chicken satay, Thai fish cakes and spicy Asian salads are classic Thai dishes perfect for a starter menu.

Deciding which starters to cook depends very much on the occasion. For Christmas and formal occasions, a simple and classic starter such as smoked salmon is a light starter idea before a heavy meal. Larger informal gatherings are a good place to try canapé recipe ideas. Italian anti-pastiare the perfect canapé as they combine the stronger flavours of anchovy and olive with light cheeses like mozzarella and ricotta, in a bite-sized portion. Other Italian starter recipes such as brushetta are quick and easy ideas for a healthy starter.

Using salad or soup recipes for your starter is a great way to keep your meal healthy. Shellfish such as prawns, crab and scallop starter recipes served with salad leaves use classic flavour ideas whilst still remaining low fat.

Indian starter recipes are another tasty starter idea for a gathering or friends as they make excellent finger food and are simple to make in large quantities. Tandoori chicken and onion baajis are popular Indian starter recipes both in restaurants and at home. The function of the starter however is very much a Western concept. In India there are several components to the main meal. A good example of this is in the traditional Indian Thali which is a main meal made up of about five smaller courses. Each dish is said to be perfectly balanced in nutrition and flavour and is usually vegetarian.

MyDish has a huge range of starter ideas both classic and across the globe. For inspiration on your starter recipes look no further.

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