Unveiling the Optimal Human Diet: A Return to Nature's Intent

Feb 25


Dr Randy Wysong

Dr Randy Wysong

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In the quest for health, the cacophony of dietary advice often drowns out the simple truths of nutrition. Amidst the clamor, one principle stands out: the best diet for humans is one that aligns with our genetic heritage, consisting of foods available in their natural form. This article delves into the philosophy of eating according to our biological design, exploring the pitfalls of modern dietary patterns and advocating for a return to the nourishment nature intended.

The Flawed Foundation of Modern Nutrition

The conventional food pyramid,Unveiling the Optimal Human Diet: A Return to Nature's Intent Articles once a staple of nutritional guidance, has shown its cracks, failing to address the complexities of human health. The "nutritional religion" that has emerged in its place, with its myriad of diets and food philosophies, has not provided a clear path to wellness. Instead, the solution lies in adhering to the diet our ancestors thrived on, one that our bodies are genetically tuned to process.

The Genetic Blueprint for Optimal Nutrition

Humans, like all species, have evolved to consume specific types of food. Just as a lion thrives on its prey and a deer on vegetation, humans have a diet that is best suited to their genetic makeup. This diet predates the advent of agriculture and food processing, which are relatively new blips in the timeline of human history. The natural foods that sustained our ancestors are the ones our bodies recognize and can utilize most effectively.

The Consequences of Ignoring Our Nutritional Heritage

The modern diet, rich in processed foods, refined sugars, and artificial additives, is a far cry from the nutrient-dense, raw foods that once fueled human evolution. This departure from our natural diet has led to an epidemic of obesity, chronic diseases, and a general decline in vitality. The body's remarkable adaptability can mask the immediate effects of poor dietary choices, but over time, the stress of an unnatural diet takes its toll, often with dire consequences for future generations.

The Raw Truth: Life Begets Life

A cornerstone of our ancestral diet was its raw, living nature. The Law of Biogenesis posits that life can only come from preexisting life, and this principle extends to our nutrition. Consuming raw, living foods imparts vitality, while a diet of dead, devitalized foods leads to a decline in health. Our forebears consumed raw meats, organs, eggs, and insects, as well as fruits, nuts, and other plant-based foods that were available without the need for cooking or processing.

The Modern Dilemma: Reconciling Ancestral Wisdom with Contemporary Living

Understanding our natural diet is one thing; implementing it in the context of the 21st century is another. While the thought of consuming raw meat may be unpalatable to many, it's important to recognize the nutritional benefits such foods provided to our ancestors. Today, achieving an ideal raw, natural diet may be challenging, but keeping the principle in mind can guide us toward better food choices.

Navigating the Supermarket with Ancestral Insight

When shopping for food, focus on items that could be consumed in their natural state. Opt for whole foods that are minimally processed and free from synthetic additives. For example, choose whole milk yogurt that is non-homogenized and non-pasteurized over its heavily processed counterparts. By selecting foods that are as close to their natural form as possible, you can support your body's genetic needs and promote optimal health.

In conclusion, the best diet for humans is not found in the latest fad or dietary dogma, but in the simple, raw foods that nature provides. By embracing the wisdom of our ancestors and the natural world, we can nourish our bodies as they were meant to be nourished.

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