Tonic Water utilized in Alcoholic Drinks and Treat Malaria

Dec 25


Baleshwar Yadav

Baleshwar Yadav

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Tonic water is the most common drink which has different added flavors like lemon, sugar, and other fruit acid flavors. Few of the alcoholic drinks mix with tonic water to form cocktails.


Everyone enjoys a drink at a party and tonic water accompanies every drink very well. It mixes with everyone for taste enhancement. The drink helps in smoothening the taste of any hard drink. Tonic water accompanies drinks and provides them support in taste and intensity.

It is the most common drink. It has lemon and sugar flavor most of the time. A few of the drinks that use tonic water are tequila, Tonic Water utilized in Alcoholic Drinks and Treat Malaria Articles vodka, and gin. Other than that, you can add tonic water with any drink you like.

What is Tonic Water

Tonic water is carbonated water or soft drink that contains quinine. Mostly, tonic water does not have any taste but sometimes uses sugar, and the lemon flavor in the drink. The added flavor depends on the consumption as there are many people who consume it directly.

There is a bitter taste in tonic water. It totally depends on the percentage of quinine used in the tonic water. Quinine is a component extract from the cinchona tree’s bark which is bitter in taste. So, the more the quinine used in the tonic water, the more bitter the taste of the tonic water.

Tonic water originated from South America, though it sounds like an Asian name. Some flavors are added to tonic water that is lemon and sugar, fruit acids, etc. These flavors enhance the taste of tonic water and add on a quick mild flavor to the tonic water.

Uses of Tonic water

There are many uses of the tonic that we can consider in our daily life. There are many ways to use tonic water, which totally depends on how you find your way to use tonic water. Following are some of the uses of tonic water:

Drinking purpose

Tonic water is generally used for drinking purposes which are clearly mentioned in the above paragraphs. There are many drinks that use tonic water as their partner. Along with the strong drinks, you can also drink tonic water individually. There are many drinks that use tonic water as the main component.

Tonic water enhances and lightens up the taste of the hard drinks that have a strong taste. It provides a mild taste to the drink. This drink can also consume alone without any partner along.

Cleaning purpose

Tonic water can be used as a surface cleaner for houses and workplaces. It has the tendency to clean the surface without leaving any chemical residue on the surface. You can also use it to remove stains on items. You just need to dip the item in tonic water for a certain period then wash it off.

It uses to clean glasses and other surfaces to remove stains. Its properties make it possible to use it as a stain cleaner for any item. You can replace your surface cleaner liquid with tonic water. Surface cleaners leave some chemical after wiping it off from the surface, but tonic water does not leave residual.

Medical use

In the early days, tonic water was originated to cure diseases like malaria. The quinine present in tonic water help in curing malaria. The therapeutic property of the drink has many health benefits and treats some diseases. Although the tonic water which is now available in the market has very little quantity of quinine which makes it less effective on malaria than before.

There are many people who believe that tonic water helps in muscle cramp relief. But this fact has no prove in science.

Maintain freshness in flowers

Tonic water can be used to preserve flowers and even use it for making your flowers look fresh. You can easily use the mixture of tonic water and normal water that you can sprinkle on the flowers to maintain their freshness.

The minerals and sugar used in the tonic water help flower to look fresher than before. Tonic water can lock the freshness of the flower for a longer time period.

Summing up

Tonic waterfalls under soft drinks have many purposes. It is a carbonated drink with some added flavors. It teams up with hard drinks very well like vodka, gin, and tequila. There are many uses of tonic water other than mainstream use. People consume tonic water individually without any partner.

The increasing drinking habits of the people around the globe affect the demand for the product. Other than that, there are various reasons that might affect the demand for tonic water all over the world.