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The garage is the most neglected part of the house. It is because of this that the garage gets smelly and dirty and requires constant repairs. The garage floor space also needs to be constantly touched up with paint because it is utilized the maximum.

Now we will be looking at the floor coating and painting options available in the market. Of course this information is only to create awareness,Guest Posting ultimately you will have to take the decision yourself depending on what goals you have for the space. Garage Floor Coatings Epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic sealer/stainer and latex are the four kinds of garage floor coatings that are available in the market. Here we will discuss them in detail. Epoxy This coating is the most widely used as it forms a hard durable surface and a strong bond on the concrete. This covering tends to turn yellow and loses its gloss when it is exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Remember to prepare the area before applying the epoxy and ensure that it is completely free of dirt and dust. When that is done, wait for the right temperature and apply the coating. Epoxy dries to a touch in a few minutes but do wait for many days before you drive your car over it! Polyurethane Another alternative, polyurethane resists chemical spills much better than epoxy and does not even fade easily. Along with these features polyurethane is a very durable coating that dries to a high gloss. Unfortunately this coating cannot be used on the floor directly. If you do plan to use polyurethane, you would need to first apply an epoxy primer on the floor and then the polyurethane. Latex Paints The cheapest of all coatings, latex paints are antique looking stains that can create a unique and warm finish. This paint covers imperfections on the concrete and is permanent. The stain coating can be damaged because of exposure to the sun, it is thus advisable to apply a protective coating over it. Garage Floor Painting Tips When you begin painting, ensure that the area in which you are working is well ventilated. Also wear eye protection and protective gloves in order to protect your hands and eyes against the chemicals.

  • To begin using the epoxy paint, sweep and clean the area thoroughly.
  • To remove the stains use a 3 to 1 water to bleach mixture or a driveway or commercially prepared cleaner. Use a sprayer to spray the cleaner on to the stains and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Once the time is over, scrub the stain using a stiff-bristle brush.
  • Now starting at the back of the garage, rinse the area well with clean water. Use a pressure washer for tough stains.
  • After that is done wait for the floor to dry. Use concrete/mortar-repair compound for smaller cracks and concrete patches to repair the smaller cracks and big cracks respectively. When the compound is being applied, make sure that the cracks are clean and dry!
  • Next etch the surface of the concrete. Basically this is a process wherein the pores of the concrete surface are opened. You can check if the floor needs to be etched by sprinkling a small amount of water on the floor. If the floor absorbs the water then the concrete does not need etching.
  • If you have to etch the concrete, then let it dry thoroughly. To help with the drying process, you can switch on the fan.
  • Now use a long-handled paint roller to apply a primer coat. Remember to let it dry for at least 8 hours before applying the topcoat.
  • Use nylon brushes. The roller covers that you use should be lint-free and solvent and water resistant.
  • Do a touch-up on the areas that have heavy traffic once a year.

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