How to Get Easy on Pest Inside the House

May 27


Ma. Theresa Galan

Ma. Theresa Galan

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First important thing to consider if you want pest to be out and not inside your house is to avoid attracting it. The more you make their favorites available inside your house, the more you get into trouble.


Though it may seem inevitable that,How to Get Easy on Pest Inside the House Articles at some point, you'll have to deal with different pests inside your house, there are a few measures you can take to keep these pests at bay. We've called in the pest control experts to find out exactly what draws pests to your home, so you can stop an infestation before it happens!

Find the list below:


Dampness attracts pests of many different types. "We need water in our everyday lives, but so do the pests," says Cherie Hartzer, an entomologist for Orkin. "Even small amounts dripping from an air conditioner unit may attract wasps that are foraging for water. Water that has soaked into wood is attractive to termites. Downspouts and gutters that are holding water can be perfect habitats for mosquitoes. A dripping faucet may attract rodents, especially if it has been dry and there aren't other water sources around." 

Spilled Food

Spills happen—but if even a little bit of the mess is left behind, the bugs simply can't resist. "Spilled food crumbs in your kitchen contain a veritable feast for insects such as cockroaches and ants," Smith says. Regular cleanups—including moving and vacuuming behind the stove and the refrigerator—can help make your kitchen a whole lot less palatable to pests.

Undisposed Garbage

The smell of garbage may be completely unpleasant to your nose, but for bugs like flies, it's like a siren call. You probably already know the secret to stopping this—contain your garbage. "Make sure when you take out the trash it is bagged and the trash bin is tightly closed," Hartzer says. That'll also help keep other pests attracted by garbage, such as mice and raccoons, away as well.

Left Over Foods

Though it should come as no surprise, pests of all kinds are after your leftovers. That's why, according to Lazarus, you should do your best to curb the amount of food left out in the open in your home. "Store food in airtight containers and always avoid leaving food out—including in pet bowls, which many people don't think about," he says.

There are more other factors out there but these mentioned factors is of utmost consideration if you want your house to be out of those pests.

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