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Dec 7


Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe

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Free email services are in ... all over the web. There are ... (if not ... of ... services to help you with ... Why do ... provide these ... Beca


Free email services are in abundance all over the web. There are literally
hundreds (if not thousands) of different services to help you with your
messages. Why do companies provide these services? Because they can sell
advertising space,Free Stuff: Email Articles and they have several ways to do it.

- They can append a small ad to each email message which is sent or received

- They can display banners

- Their sites can issue popup windows with advertisements

Why would you want to use a free email service? Probably the most important
reason is simply to help you with spam. You can use a web based free email
account to receive messages from signups to various services. Then, you can
access the account only when necessary for the service. This way, any spam
messages will be directed to the free mailbox, which you do not use very
often if at all.

Another great reason to use these services is to be able to pick up your
email from your browser. This is great for when you are traveling or on
those occasions when you want to read your home email when at work (see "Is
surfing the internet safe at work?")

Each of the four basic types of email services are described below, along
with some examples of some of the free services that are available.

Web Based Email - These services allow you to retrieve, send and manage your
email from your browser. In general, the services are advertising (banner)
supported, although most offer an ad free paid version of some kind.

The first and oldest web-based email system. Good interface, reliable and
reasonably fast.

Probably the best free web-based email service available. Choose from dozens
of different email domains. Very easy to use and flexible. Premium service
is available at a low cost.

Create your own Star Trek email address. Choose from many domains,

Yahoo Mail
Another popular, nice email system. Lots of features, very reliable and

POP Email Services - POP email is virtually always supplied as part of the
services you receive from your web host and ISP. Your messages are stored on
a server, and you use your email client (Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora,
for example) to send, receive and manage your messages.

E-Omninet provides online services of all kinds with a single account. It
includes the file manager, address book, bookmarks, solar and lunar
calendars plus event reminder, free POP3 email and web hosting.

Mail Options
Provides mail and news access in a web based browser. Mail is stored on a
POP server.

Runbox Mail Manager is a server-based email application that enables you to
store all your email online. They provide 100 MB of storage space, extensive
management features, and the ability to access email on any device.

Web-based POP Email Services - These services allow you to receive your POP
email using your browser. Some of them will read from your own supplied POP
email account (such as your ISP account) and others have their own POP

Email Planet
Allows you to manage your email from your browser.

Let's you read your POP email using your browser.

Will read POP mail from any POP server using your browser. Looks like a nice

Another web based service allowing you to access your email. In addition,
this company lets you read newsgroups.

Email Forwarding Services - These services will forward your email from an
existing email account to another account.

This service will forward email from your email account to another email
address. This is very useful when you are on vacation. Also has the ability
to distribute and filter messages. A premium (paid) service is available
with more options.

HotPop provides a full featured email client, with POP capabilities and
email forwarding.

Return Receipt Services - Sometimes you just have to know that an email was
received by someone. The problem is that support for return receipts is
dependent upon the email client, and can be turned off entirely by the user!
These services get around that problem.

ReturnReceipt is a web-based email system that notifies you when your email
has been received and read. It functions much like the U.S. Postal System's
certified mail, with senders receiving an electronically "postmarked"
receipt documenting the exact time and date an email was read. Use it for
all your important email and anytime you need proof your email was read.

Miscellaneous email services - Some services that are useful but do not fit
into the above categories.

This service is very cool. Let's say you are on the road and need to send an
email message. You want it to appear as if you sent it from your home email
but cannot access (or don't want to for some reason) your email account. Use
HopMail to enter your email address and a message. The service will send a
test message to your email account. If the message makes it okay, it will
send your message on it's way, as if it came from you.

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