How to Install Email Verifier Pro - Bulk Email Addresses Validation, Mail Sender & Email Lead Manage

Feb 22




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This article explains how to download Email Verifier Pro, its benefits, uses, and where to get it

What is Email Verifier Pro?

Email Verifier Pro is a indispensable tool which allows you to do verifying bulk list of email addresses and validating them in a background email scanning process and shows scan results with an easy to read report divided into multiple categories like fully valid and deliverable,How to Install Email Verifier Pro - Bulk Email Addresses Validation, Mail Sender & Email Lead Manage Articles invalid, duplicates, unknown, syntax error addresses. All verified fully valid email address can be downloaded as CSV or save a valid list in the database for later use from lead management. Which can be used for sending bulk emails to your clients and customers for email marketing purpose.


WHY USE – Email Verifier Pro?

An Email Verifier Helps Do Cleaning Task On Bulk List Of Email Addresses By Checking For Valid, Invalid, Duplicates and bounce Email Addresses Without Sending Any Actual Email To Those Addresses.

Using Email Verifier and Validation Tool You Will Save Your Time From Resolving IP Blacklist & Finding Valid Email Addresses Only For Your Email Lead Marketing.


As You Will Know Then Your Email Won’t Be Sent To Any Invalid/Unknown Addresses And It Won’t Be Blocked By Mail Service Provider,Which Can Prevents Wasting Resources And Money.

It Is Very Useful For Email Marketing Campaign.


Where to get Email Verifier Pro?

Email Verifier Pro is a one-time payment PHP script, so you buy it once, with no recurring payments, you can buy from here.


Email Verifier Pro Installation

What is required to Setup Email Verifier Pro? What you need is:
  • A VPS Server to install Email Verifier Pro on.

  • Domain Name to use with our setup.


Get a Domain Name.

Getting a Domain is easy . You need to go to any Domain registrar company like Godaddy, Namecheap, Enom, ... and Buy a Domain Name, you can even get one for 1 $ per year.

Get a VPS Server.

Now, Let’s get our VPS server to set up Email Verifier Pro on.

What company should I use?

You can use whatever company you want to buy a VPS Server, I recommend contabo, starting from 4 € / month, fast response, excellent customer service.

You can buy here


Point Domain to VPS.

Before we continue you need to point your domain to your VPS IP address,you can use sub domain.

1- go to Domain Registration Providers.

2- Click on Manage DNS. Open the DNS zone.

3-  DNS management zone, just go to A record here and edit that record.

4- just Set your server IP address.



Yes so now we have a VPS server and a Domain, Let’s Start the installation.


Connect to your VPS server using any SSH client like putty.

And Lets install a Web Hosting Manager.

Install Webmin, Just run this command on your server:


This command is responsible for downloading the installation script:

 sudo /bin/sh

After that, press " y " to continue

Wait for the installation to finish, it may take 10 minutes. Then you will see this success message.


Go to your web browser and navigate to the server URL to configure.


The URL will look like this: https: // YOUR_ IP_ address: 10000

You Can use The URL will look like this: https: // YOUR_ Domain_ Name: 10000

Make sure to add ": 10000" after the ip address Or Domain Name , because Webmin uses port 10000

When you open Webmin, you will see an SSL warning message, click Continue anyway.

Webmin log in . . .

  • The username " root ".
  • The password that you got from VPS provider company.

After logging in, you will be directed to a post-installation wizard,You can see a post-installation wizard video time of less than a minute.

Perform the steps as in the video to finish the post-installation wizard.


Webmin is now ready to go ...


Steps to prepare and install Email Verifier Pro on the server 1- Create Virtual Server :

go to Virtualmin section, Click Create Virtual Server, go to New virtual server details section, Enter the Domain name and Administration password, After that, click Create Server.

2- Create a user:

go to Virtualmin section, Click on Edit Users and then click Add user to this server, In the Virtual domain user details section, Choose Email address and password.

3- Create Database:

go to Virtualmin section, Click on Edit databases After that, click a Create New Database, Choose the database name and click Create.

Important note: We need to grant permission to the user to manage the database.

And that is by going to Edit Users again, then Other user permissions, then Allow access to databases.

4- Upload Email Verifier Pro files to the server:

go to Virtualmin section, Click on files manager , Then upload to the server.

After Uploading extracted files to "public_html" folder, you have to visit install.php file path via browser for starting up the installation process.


File Path For Install.php :

Do not forget to replace "" with your own domain address.

automatically redirected to install.php once you try to visit your domain. eg: But if you do not get redirect to install.php then you can simply visit it by following address:


5- System Check:

In this step of the installation, you will check the compatibility of the current server with the script to ensure the highest compatibility. If you see something red, be sure to support and enable it. Please check back the minimum requirements to run this script and ensure it is active and enabled on the server and browser before proceeding with the installation. If you see that the MySQL version check is skipped when checking the system in the localhost then don't worry, it will be scanned while testing the database connection in the next step.

6- database configuration: Add in your database connection:
  • DB Host: Usually “localhost”.
  • DB USER: You created in step # 2.
  • DB PASSWORD: You created in step # 2.
  • DB NAME: You created in step # 3.
7- create your login user account:

Just simply input in a username, email address and password with at least 6 digit and click "Complete". After this, your installation will be completed and you will be redirected to login page.

Good Job!


HOW TO USE Email Verifier Pro Part: EMAIL VALIDATOR :  

(1.) After login with your created account. You will arrive at main page of the navigation menu, which is "EMAIL VALIDATIOR".

EMAIL VALIDATOR, Allows you to do smart check on your imported emails either if they are valid, invalid, bad format, non existent etc. Before importing and starting a scan, make sure to rename your CSV file email address column label to "Email" (without double quotation mark).

(2.) After that User have to select a csv file like step #1 in image.



(3.) Clicking "Extract" will dump all email from csv to step #2 as image.

(4.) Once you click "Check", it will start email validation process and will show the status of each email on step #3 as image.

(5.) When it finishes checking, it will allow you to either download valid email address list or save already scanned email in database for later use. A brief report of scanned result can be seen in Pie Chart at step #4 as image.



Send Mail, allows you to send bulk email addresses to imported addresses.



(1.) On step #1, import a CSV file with all email addresses where you want to send emails. Email address column in CSV file needs to have label "Email" so import can get successful.

(2.) Delivery Report will show you a brief status of how your email has been handled to receivers.

(3.) On step #2, Email Form ...

From: Type your email address from where it should be sent.

To: All imported or manually typed receiver email address will be visible here.

If you manually add email address then use "," (without double quotation mark) to keep each email separated.

Subject: Subject of email that you will be sending.

Message: Here you will input your email body content.

You can either use the visual editor or add HTML source code of your email template.

Send: For initiating the email to receivers.



Email / Lead Management, allows you simply manage your saved scan email address list. So you can simply export your email list and can compare email address scan status later.



Settings, allows configuring your profile and email verifier settings. Before using send mail, make sure to setup Send Mail settings so your email gets send without any issue.

(1.) Send Mail :

Email Amount: the total amount of email will be sending out from mail server on time limit per hour.

Time Limit: hourly time limit.


Example: If you have 10,000 email address to receive an email within 24hrs

but in a limit of 1,000 emails, each time to be sent out from your web server

then set the time limit at 1 and email amount at 1,000.

So each hour server will process 1,000 emails and within 24hrs it will be 10,000.

(2.) User Profile :

Allows to change and modify email address and password from here.


We hope you enjoyed, and I wish you good luck