How to Be Mad With Mud And Have An Expert Like Carpet Cleaning

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Mud tracks can come from a lot of different ways. It could be from a visitor or your kids not remembering to wipe their feet after walking in the mud or from your pet dog. Wherever the stain comes from, the important thing is still how to get it off your carpet.

Mud tracks can be particularly tricky to clean so many people are often wondering how best to deal with it.The trick to removing mud and dirty paw prints from your carpet is to let the mud dry,Guest Posting so it becomes dry soil.  Dry soil can easily be vacuumed up without spreading the muddy mess around.  Be sure to contain the muddy paw or foot print area while it's drying so others don't walk through it and track it even deeper into your home.

Even after you finish with the vacuum, you'll still have a few dirty spots remaining.  Simply spot treat these with a spray bottle of white vinegar and water (a 50/50 mix is the perfect cleaner to keep on hand for many carpet spills) and a white cotton towel.  Spray the soiled spot with the vinegar and water mixture then press down with a clean, white cotton towel.  The towel will absorb the moisture and bring any remaining soil along with it.  This method leaves your carpet residue-free, unlike many spot cleaners which can end up attracting soil.  

Keeping your carpet looking fresh and new is a top priority among carpet owners. It can be quite a tough job as there are a lot of potential cleaning problems that can tarnish your beautiful carpet. Mud stains, which are one of the most common threats, is a good example of this.

To guide you in your task, here is a simple and effective guide which will help you remove those mud tracks on your carpet and helping it look clean and fresh.

  • Mud is unlike most stains, wherein you would need to immediately clean it up to get the best chance of removing the stain. In cleaning mud tracks off your carpet, it is important not to do anything until the mud has already dried up and hardened. Trying to clean the mud track while it is still fresh will only end up making the stain worse and harder to remove.
  • After the mud tracks have dried up, the next step that you need to take is to try and remove as much of the mud particles as possible. To do this, get a brush and brush the dried mud. Once you have removed the mud flakes, get a vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose mud particles on your carpet fibers. Do this step again and again until you have removed as much of the mud track as possible.
  • Now that you have removed as much of the dried mud from the carpet, it is now time to deal with the stain that is left behind. You will need to pick a cleaning agent to use on the stain, a non-bleach detergent will work great on mud stains. Get your cleaning agent and apply some on a clean white cloth then proceed in blotting the stain out with it. Repeat this step until all of the stain is removed.
  • After cleaning up the stain completely, rinse the area you cleaned with water and then dry up using a clean cloth or your vacuum cleaner. This will prevent any excess carpet cleaning solution from being left behind your carpet

While you might want to try to clean it while it's still fresh, it's really best to let it dry out and then start attacking it.Take your time and don't be tempted to scrub.  Scrubbing moves the soil back and forth, while blotting or pressing down helps to lift the moisture and soil up into the towel.Cleaning up mud tracks from your carpet isn't all that hard. With these simple steps you will get rid of those nasty mud tracks without any problems in no time.

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