Dried Flower Arrangements

Feb 14


Ken Marlborough

Ken Marlborough

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This article presents information on finding the right Dried Flower Arrangements.


Flowers have a curious magical power over people. Not only do they add to our present but are also linked to our past. Dried flowers,Dried Flower Arrangements Articles in this respect, are an important part of our lives.

To dry fresh flowers, you can either freeze-dry them or air-dry them by hanging them upside down, or you can use silica gel. You could also place flowers in the microwave. To make a dried flower arrangement, place your vase on a lazy Susan, stick the base of the vase with floral clay and fix a piece of foam into your vase. With lepidium, lavender, and straw give an overall shape to your arrangement. Now, fill in the center with flax, galax leaves, maidenhair fern, or foliage. Place flowers in descending order of size—begin with large flowers such as hydrangea, and then move on to medium sized flowers, spacing them evenly. For better effect, add larkspur, delphinium, or dried flax.

To make a dried floral bouquet, you should first imagine a triangular floral arrangement with a flat back. Use enough materials to make an arrangement 1.5 times the size of the vase. Begin by using twigs, ferns, long seed heads and spiked flowers. For depth, use longer pieces such as larkspur at the back of the arrangement.

Now, add filling material, say tansy, statice or hortensia, reaching half the height of the twigs and ferns. For greater appeal, place the most attractive flowers with the main colors of the arrangement in the center of the arrangement.

Take care to see that the arrangement is in a fine balance—neither too heavy on one side nor too weak on the other. While maintaining the basic shape of the arrangement, keep putting in flowers and heighten its effect with grasses and seed heads.

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