Drip Irrigation

Dec 9


U Suski

U Suski

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Agriculture sector has witnessing the growth and far reach of science and technology. Daily there are various new inventions to help improve the agriculture sector and get the maximum output in less time. Farmers and agriculturist are using new techniques to get benefited from it.

Especially techniques in irrigation are fast catching farmers eye as they are need of time and one can get the surprising results by implementing it. Water irrigation is one of the major issues among agriculturist and farmers. In areas where there is shortage of water is major problem,Drip Irrigation Articles a new concept called Drip irrigation has evolved. Also known as Trickle irrigation, in this process, water slowly drips in to the soil to the roots of the tree or the plants. The complete process is implemented on farm soil by using pipes, tubes, valves, tubing and the emitters. The Dripping can be done on root layer or the soil surface in the farms. Micro spray heads are also used as devices in Drip irrigation. It sprays water in relatively small area than the water emitters. Another type of Drip irrigation called Subsurface irrigation consists of driperlines or drip tape installed permanently or temporarily below the roots. Drip irrigation system is generally installed on large scale basis. The overall system is little bit complex but after the implementation, the output is wonderful. Various components used in Drip irrigation systems are Filtration systems, Fertigation systems, Backwash controller, pipeline system, Control valves and the safety valve system, poly fittings, poly tubes and accessories, and the emitting devices. In most of the Drip irrigation system, water clogging is main problem which affects the overall system. Therefore, proper care and maintenance should be taken in filtering and pipeline works. Sometimes, liquid fertilizers are mixed with the dripping water to provide proper treatment to the plants. One can use potable water by joining water treatment plant to the Drip irrigation system. In most cases the recycled water is used in Subsurface Drip irrigation system. If implemented properly with good design, it can help a lot in water conservation than the flood irrigation system or the water head sprinkler irrigation as it minimize the water usage. The water and fertilizers are utilized effectively and directly to the plant roots. There is no deep percolation or evaporation. It can even be implemented on uneven surface or soil texture. Also the overall system can be automated to reduce the human work load and reduce the time factor. Thus the modern drip irrigation has become the most useful and important innovation in Agriculture sector.