Highlight the Coverage Area with Liquid Harvest Lazer Blue Concentrated Spray Pattern Indicator

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Use Lazer spray pattern indicator to prevent over spraying or double spraying your fertilizers ... Lazer is designed for use with pesticides, fertilizers, and many other liquid chemical applications.


Lazer blue from Liquid Harvest is an amazing non-toxic concentrated colourant which is designed to work effectively as a pattern indicator with herbicides,Guest Posting pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides. This indicator from Liquid Harvest has a great application spray that is created to provide the most accurate coverage. It doesn't stay permanent on the plants and will fade in time with the exposure to sun and moisture.

This indicator will not cause stains once it is diluted. But there is one thing you should take care; don't use this product near your fabric. If it accidentally gets on the skin and equipment; it can be removed with several washes.

It is a non-toxic product that helps in indicating the exact place where the application spray has been done to ensure the most accurate and efficient coverage. While using this product one should keep in mind that; it only mixes with water-based solutions and doesn't work with oil-based solutions.

Pro’s and Con’s

Below are some pros and cons listed for this product.

Pro's Shows the right place to spray

This is one of the best advantages of this product which helps the applicator to show the right place to spray effectively and more. It shows the users where they have hit the spray and where they have missed. This also helps you to know if the spraying works or not by which you can know the amount of herbicide to use.

Helps in Using Herbicide Effectively

According to research done on this product, it is found that if you want to optimize your usage of herbicide then this product is effective. This product says its strength is the really blue colour which is easy to remove. This colour indication helps in avoiding unnecessary wastage of spray application. It will help you to save herbicide without wasting it applying on the same spot again and again since it indicates the spot that you already sprayed.

Comes in Excellent Price Range

This product’s pricing is considered to be very attractive by various users. It is a reasonably priced spray pattern indicator which is very efficient and cost-effective.

Con’s Doesn't Work Well with Skin

This product says it can easily be washed away from the skin. But whenever you use this product; then try your best to not get it on your skin. When it gets on the skin; the skin absorbs a lot of it into the body. It is recommended to wear gloves before using this product. Especially take care of your skin under the fingernails.

Not Easy to Pour

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this product. According to research done on this product, we have found that it can't pour neatly; which means that it dribbles down from the side of the bottle and creates a real mess.

Not Easy to Wash from All Surfaces

There is one thing that you should remember is that you should test the surface before using it. If you don't take care of that; you can be left with dye on your surface for a long time. Before you do the full application of this product you should take care of the surface or find blue stains on your surface. It is still very mysterious why this product doesn’t fade away.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Does it Cause Stain on Concrete if Spilt on it?

This product is a colourant that can also cause stain on the concrete or anywhere else it spills on (shoes, hand, gloves, etc). It can also wash off from your concrete wall during rain or you can wash it by spraying water on it.

Can We Use it to Mark Soil?

This is an excellent product that works effectively as a dye to mark soil for doing a soil test.

Where to Buy Liquid Harvest Lazer Blue Concentrated Spray Pattern Indicator?

If you are facing the problem of overusing fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc and want to optimize the usage then, Lazer blue concentrated spray pattern indicator from Liquid Harvest is an amazing product to choose.

With its excellent blue colour mark, it will help you to know the area where you have used the herbicide, fertilizer, pesticide and hence don’t get confused. You can buy this useful product from Ubuy as it has an amazing collection of spray pattern indicators.


This non-toxic concentrated colourant from Liquid Harvest is a useful product. It works efficiently with pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and herbicides. It offers a unique feature of showing the user where this product has already been applied to offer the most accurate coverage.

This colour is not permanent and doesn't cause any type of stain and will fade away with time with sun and moisture. We have mentioned so much information about this product in this article. You will find the advantages and disadvantages of this product in this article which will enhance your knowledge about this product before using it. Use this product in your gardens or farms to save time, energy and money.


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