How To Compost Manure

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How to compost manure is an easy thing to do and anybody can do this. There are all types of manure that you can compost,Guest Posting but we will talk about horse manure here. You can get horse manure just about everywhere from Texas to Ohio and all you need to ask feed stores.

I have used horse manure to make hot compost before, but before you get started have a place pick out where you want to build the a pile of compost and have it ready. To make a nice size compost pile at least 3 feet deep x 3 feet wide x 3 foot tall you will need about 3 to 4-35 gallon trash cans full of horse manure. Make sure that the horse manure is fresh and is not too old if it sits out in the weather for many months it will not hot compost well for you.

You can use some type of compost bin if you wish to but you really do not have to unless you want a nice look around the garden. Now that you have your manure on hand start with small layers about 4 inches deep and water it well, then add another 4 inches and so on. Keep this up until the pile gets about 3 feet tall, and you are done for the day. In about 2 - 3 days the compost pile should be getting real hot inside anywhere from 120 to 140 degrees inside.

On day 2 it is time to turn the pile start by breaking it down turning it so air can get into the manure. Next rebuild the compost by adding 4 inch layers and watering it well, keep this up until you are finished. Now you will want to do this over a 2 week period every 2 to 3 days break the compost pile down and rebuild it. After 2 weeks have gone by the pile will began to cool down to around 90 degrees after that there is no need to break the compost down any more.

Once the compost pile is done let set for a couple of months and age some then it is ready for the garden and flower beds. This is hard work making a hot compost pile like this but it will kill weed seeds, also it is a great work out for you. Once you have made a couple of piles of compost it will be easy for you to do.

Using composted horse manure in the garden will increase the soils organic matter over the years and before you know it it will be easy to till the soil. If you have an high clay content in your garden soil just keep adding compost to it, the organic matter will help to break down the clay. It will take some time to break down the clay but keep at it, I would add compost at least twice a year to your garden.

Add finished composted horse manure to sandy soil and it will help to hold moister in the soil, over time it will be real easy to till.

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