How to preserve flowers to be fresh longer?

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Many people buy flowers online and send them as gifts to their loved ones. Little do they know that some freshly cut flowers might last longer, if taken care of better. How can you personally do that? As Flower Delivery guarantees on their website, flowers last minimum of 7 days, because professional florists know how to take care of the flowers. There are several guidelines to follow when trying to make flowers last longer yourself. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Cut their stems reagularly

To preserve your flowers to live longer,Guest Posting you should cut the stems of the flower bouquet you receive. If they have already been cut on the day upon the flower delivery, then wait a week and trim their stems. It is the same as the human hair - cut it a little bit in order to freshen up and grow. Thus, same logic applies when taking care of flowers.

2. Keep water temperature safe

When placing the flowers in water, make sure that this water is nor hot, not very cold. Room temperature works the best in Spring and Autumn months. Very hot water will kill the vascular cells of the plant and very cold will surely freeze their cells and speed up the dying process. So, make sure you choose the most appropriate water temperature according to the bouquet you have received.

3. Change water daily

Flowers drink water, but also collect lots of bacteria. Thus, you should wash the stems and the vase accordingly. Changing the water every two days is a must, but washing the stems is up to you. We recommend giving the stems a good wash every 2 days when changing the water

Ordering flowers online is easy, taking care of flowers and knowing how to keep them last longer is key to every bouquet you send or receive. So take the time to explain or write a note when sending flowers to your colleagues, friends and loved one

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