Plant growth regulators in wheat field management

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Gibberellin: In the wheat jointing stage, per acre spray 40mg/kg concentration gibberellin solution 40-50kg, can increase grain number, increased grain weight. 

Wheat applied plant growth regulators can be adjusted plant growth and development,Guest Posting with the effect of controlling growth vigor, enhancing resistance, increasing grain weight, increasing production, and contribute to the wheat quality, early-maturing.


Cycocel: For large groups, growth vigor wheat field, in the early jointing spray 0.15-0.3% cycocel solution 50-75kg per acre, can effectively inhibit internode elongation, dwarfing the plants, stem base hard, thereby preventing lodging. If mixed with 2,4-D butyl ester can also be rid of broadleaf weeds in wheat fields. Mepiquat: In the wheat jointing stage, per acre use mepiquat 15-20ml, watered-down 50-60kg, foliar spray after fully dissolved and stirred, can inhibit internode elongation, prevent late lodging and increase production 10-20%.


Petroleum fueling agent: This is a plant growth-stimulating hormone, the mainly component is sodium naphthenate. According to tests, in the wheat flowering to grain filling stage, per acre spray 1000 times oil fueling agent solution 50kg, can defense hot wind, increase grain weight, average increase 7.8% yield.


Naphthalene acetic acid: before grouting in wheat, per acre spray 40mg/kg NAA solution 50kg, can promote plant cell division and expansion, induce the formation of adventitious roots, increase fruit set, prevent fruit drop, change female and male flowers ratio, etc., is widely used. Fulvic Acid: also known as drought-resistant agents 1st, is a new plant growth regulator can enhance crops’ drought resistance. In wheat booting stage, with drought-resistant agents 50 grams watered-down 2.5-10kg per acre, ultra low volume spraying after fully dissolved, can narrow leaves stomatal opening angle, improve plant water flow, lower transpiration intensity, enhance root vigor, leaf senescence, average increase 16.6% yield.


Gibberellin: In the wheat jointing stage, per acre spray 40mg/kg concentration gibberellin solution 40-50kg, can increase grain number, increased grain weight. Uniconazole: (tradename is 5% Wettable Powder) is a new and efficient plant growth regulator, its biological activity is 6-10 times higher than the paclobutrazol. Applied in wheat, can prevent high-density, under high fertilizer conditions plant lodging, reduced sterility spikelet and increased grain weight; according to tests, under the case of no wind, not lodging, application uniconazole wheat is average increasing 15.4% yield compared to the control group. Application Method: 1 week before the wheat jointing, per acre spray 30-40mg/kg concentration uniconazole 50kg.


Plant cytokinin: In the wheat jointing stage or heading stage, with the plant cytokinin 50g, watered-down 200-300kg, after stirred well, sprayed by conventional methods, can promote the formation of chlorophyll and protein synthesis, enhance photosynthesis and cultivation of resilience, is conducive to early maturity, high yield. Phenoxyacetic acid: In the grain grouting stage, per acre spray 60mg/kg concentration acetic acid solution 25kg, can defense hot wind, increase grain weight.


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