Splash Pad -The Fastest Way to Save a Child’s Life this Summer

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Our children should be able to freely play without the risks. Pools are fun but safety is key. Accidents still happen, An emerging idea has made summer fun safe.

Every year during the spring and summer months,Guest Posting Children in America drown in their own backyard swimming pools. While many states have passed laws about pool safety and the necessity of fencing, it is not required in every state. Even with proper fencing in place, accidents still happen far too often. When pool fences are first constructed most families keep them locked consistently, but unfortunately, after a period of time, many families lose focus on the importance of locking fences.


While pool fences can prevent some injuries and deaths, they frequently offer a false sense of security. A simple latch on top can be opened by a child just as easy as by an adult. It takes seconds to pass through a pool fence and into the water.


Aside from the dangers related to unfenced pools, the depth of the water is also a hazard to young children. Most backyard swimming pools measure four to eight feet in depth, which is more than enough to take the life of a child.


All children love to play in water, but their playtime should not be unsafe. Backyard swimming pools are both dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Adults and parents must watch children in swimming pools constantly to ensure their safety. Regrettably, parents are sometimes incapable of watching their children every second they are in the water, and accidents do happen. A parent walks away to answer the phone or the door and a child is lost. It is not fair.


There is an emerging market for a new, safer alternative to swimming pools called splash pads. Splash pads allow children to have the same recreational fun with water but with little to no risk of drowning.


The most significant advantage of splash pads vs. swimming pools is safety, as many splash pad production companies are trying to promote. Hundreds of children are accidentally killed each year in their own backyard swimming pools. This statistic is shocking and must be changed.


Splash pads allow children to play in water without constant parental supervision. It is a fairly new idea, so splash pads are not yet mainstream, but it is a market expected to rise rapidly. Kids can now have spring and summertime fun a safer way!


In addition to the safety benefits of splash pads vs. swimming pools, there is a momentous cost difference between the two. Swimming pools cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and childproof, as well as hundreds a year to maintain. Splash pad kits are a one-time purchase and require much less maintenance. They also use much less water than a swimming pool.


The facts are fairly straightforward: we can decrease the amount of child drownings each year by purchasing and promoting splash pads-a safer and more economical choice than backyard swimming pools.

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