Swimming Pool Coping Tiles

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There is nothing better looking than a pool that has pool coping tiles arround its edge. Read all about swimming pool coping tiles.

Pool coping is the part of your swimming pool that surrounds the edge and gives the pool that "finished" look. A pool without pool coping looks very much unfinished and with it adds style and class. Pool coping also adds a safety feature providing a non slip and smooth edge to your pool.

Normally the around the swimming pool there is some attractive paving layed. Pool coping can make your pool stand out if it has a contrasting colour to your surrounds..

Pool coping tiles come in lots of styles,Guest Posting colors and materials ranging from natural quarried stone to poured and stamped concrete. Bullnose coping allows concrete decking to be poured abutting the pool's lip, while cantilever coping extends over the lip of the pool wall and is used with stone, cast concrete and brick.

Natural stone pool coping is available in sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, travertine and bluestone. They general come as tiles but can be cut to fit round bends and corners.  Use honed stone pool coping for a satin-smooth finish or use standard pool coping for a rougher textured state. Natural stone pool coping can be sealed or left untreated. This will cause it to weather naturally.

Concrete coping can be poured wet into formers or come precast. You can pattern or color or even distress in order to make it look like more costly stone coping. Concrete is much easier to work with and goes down more quickly than natural stone during installation. But personally I think ther is nothing better and more beautiful than natural stone pool coping.

Porcelain tiles can also be used for pool coping and is available in lots more textures as well as patterns and colors.

Natural clay bricks and molded concrete bricks that look like clay are often used for pool coping. Brick coping comes in a wide array of hues, from terracotta red to blue-grey and black. The use of a different grout color gives that extra style.

So look at your pool and ascertain how much adding pool coping will enhance it and also ad value to your home.

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