Full Vs Partial Pool Removal : Which is best ?

Jan 26


Arun Amigo

Arun Amigo

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Do you want to remove your pool but confused? This article is all about the types of swimming pool removals and which type of removal is best out of partial and complete pool removal for pool owners.


Do you have a swimming pool in your home and want to remove it? Do you know there are two types of pool removal: Either you fully remove your pool or partially remove your pool.

But don’t get confused. In this article, Full Vs Partial Pool Removal : Which is best ? Articles you’ll know which type of pool removal is best for your backyard. 

Two Types of Pool Removals

Partial pool removal requires draining the pool drilling holes within the bottom getting rid of the most notable percentage of the pool and depositing it into the bottom of the pool then filling out the pool that is entire with fill dirt gravel and rubble.

Whereas full pool elimination requires removing all vestiges associated with the pool demolishing all aspects hauling away the parts and pieces and then filling in your community that is entire dirt and gravel.

Both of these pool removals are used according to the pool removal area and looking at the type of pool as well as which pool removal contractors you hired.

Let’s see one by one.

Partial Pool Removals

Partial pool removal can be accomplished more quickly, taking two-five days, not counting preparation time. 

When removing a partial pool, the swimming pool is collapsed by leaving a portion of the pool cavity in the ground.

The Removing process includes pumping water from the pool, drilling holes at the bottom of the pool for proper drainage, and after that breaking down one by one pool material using equipment from the top.

It can be done at roughly half the cost of full pool removal. The disadvantages are that the pool area is then considered “non-buildable” land. At such time that the home is sold, the presence of a former pool must be disclosed to potential buyers because no structures can be built on that space. 

And, if it is decided to build a new pool on the site in the future, the entire old pool structure would need to be dug up and removed. Additionally, there is potential for soil shifting and shrinking in the removal area.

Partial pool removal is a great way to get rid of the pool repair and maintenance but you cannot utilize the space property when you remove the pool completely.

Partial Pool Removal pros
  • Financial Saving: One of the biggest advantages of undergoing a pool that is partial as opposed to the full pool treatment is the cost. On average, a pool that is partial cost $4300.
  • Time and Speed: Partial pool removal is also significantly quicker than a pool elimination that is full. While the total amount of time it takes is essentially based on how many people may take place, the speed that is average which a pool may be partially removed is 1 to 3 days.
  • Erase of Removal: Partial pool treatment is never as physically strenuous as a complete pool removal as not absolutely all the debris needs to be removed and discarded.
Partial Pool Removal cons
  • High Risk: When a pool is not completely taken from the floor, you can find certain risks that the homeowner takes on, such as pooling underground and the chance of sinkholes developing.
  • Legality: you should understand that pool that is partial is illegal in numerous places. If you aren't sure of the regulations pool that is regarding your area, make sure to talk to your neighborhood town office.
  • Unbuildable: whenever you choose to endure a pool that is partial, you'll not any longer build on the former location regarding the pool.
  • Decreased Value: once you opt for a pool that is partial instead of full pool removal, the worth of your home will probably decrease.
Full Pool Removals

One great idea about full pool removals is there is no impact on the home resale value without restriction on the use of the land. As well there is always less chance for backfill and setting problems.

When you remove your pool fully everything goes out of there like concrete, cement rods, dirt. Complete pool removal is always a lengthy process because the removal needs to break out concrete, fiberglass,guite steel, and vinyl after then removing it from the pool cavity using different machines. 

Once the pool is completely eliminated, the particular area is filled in with dirt and compacted. Full pool elimination is usually the preferred path to take, please once the pool is gone because it allows homeowners to utilize the land for any. However, there are some downfalls that come with complete pool removal.

Full Pool Removal Pros
  • Property Value: if you want to maintain and on occasion even increase your home’s property value, complete pool removal is the choice that is best.
  • Buildable: each time a pool is completely removed together with a cavity is properly filled in with dirt and compacted, the land can be properly built upon in the future. This will be not feasible with removal that is partial.
  • Low Risk: With a pool that is complete, there clearly was a much lower threat of problems afterward, such as pooling underground and sinkholes.
  • Maintenance-Free: When your pool is totally eliminated, you can reap the advantages of less money and time spent on pool supplies and upkeep.
Full Pool Removal Cons
  • More expensive: a pool that is full costs an average of $10,620. This is a lot more than double the average cost of a pool that is partial which can take a major hit on your finances.
  • Time-Consuming: Due to the complexity of a pool that is full, you can expect the project to simply take somewhat more time. The typical pool that is full takes between 3 and seven days.
  • More expenses: In addition to perhaps paying out a more substantial team to operate in your pool removal, the task might have other costs that are unexpected such as extra dirt to fill out the cavity.
Which type of pool removal is the best one?

The exact type of pool removal depends upon your future plans, type of property, and ease of access to remove the property as well as your budget, timeframe. It is a wise choice when you decide at best time to remove a pool such as where they offer discounts, at the first of the month, contractors work anniversary.

If you have time and budget then full pool removal is beneficial for you and if you don’t have a tight budget and ease of access to that place and not future plans then partial pool removal fits for your property. If you want more space then full removal is best where you can reuse that space for various purposes such as gardening, landscaping, small playground, outdoor kitchen, fire pits, and many more.