Cabin Crew Jobs In Delhi: Skills & Career Prospects

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Cabin crew jobs involve a lot of hard work and commitment but the rewards can be excellent. Read a complete guide on Cabin Crew Jobs; Skills, Career, Salary & More

The capital of India,Guest Posting Delhi, is an endlessly engaging city. Located in the heart of the country, Delhi is the perfect blend of the ancient as well as modern dynamics of the world. Apart from the monuments, the markets, and the cafes, Delhi houses one of the largest airports in the country - Indira Gandhi International Airport. Since Delhi is one of the largest providers of Indian tourism, IGI Airport acts as a major source for making it a possibility. 

Apart from tourism, IGI Airport is also responsible for creating tons of jobs for the people living in Delhi as well as nearby areas. Out of thousands, one of the most popular jobs is cabin crew jobs in Delhi. Airline Cabin Crew is responsible for ensuring the passengers of an aircraft are comfortable and safe during a flight. They look after the overall welfare of all the travelers. They have to serve meals and snacks to the passengers all the while ensuring they have a pleasant experience.

The primary reason for the popularity of this job is that working as a cabin crew for a major airline opens up tremendous opportunities. It allows you to connect with dozens of people as well as a chance to travel the world. However, even though the job comes with its set of perks and opportunities, it is not meant for everyone.

Working as a cabin crew can be physically as well as mentally exhausting. The job involves a high degree of responsibility. The working hours are long and odd. Also, you might have to work on National holidays. The flight attendant has to be polite to the passengers. This includes all those times when you are sleep deprived or on your feet for extended hours. 

Key Skills For Cabin Crew 

But, despite the challenges, working as a cabin crew is one of the most fulfilling jobs you can go for. So how does one become a cabin crew member? There is no particular set of qualifications that are required to become a cabin crew member. That being said, a degree in Hospitality, travel, tourism or a language will prove to be more useful than others. Also, a strong skillset goes a long way. Here is a list of all the different skills a cabin crew member must possess: 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Tactful and diplomatic
  • Assertive, if required
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Numeracy skills, for cash handling
  • The ability to work calmly in stressful situations
  • Good color vision and hearing ability
  • General fitness
  • Ability to swim at least 25m
  • Capacity to work in a confined space

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Career Prospects

Promotions for cabin crew are solely performance-based. So from being a cabin crew, it is possible to get promoted to a purser. Pursers share the same responsibilities as a cabin crew but they are allocated with additional responsibilities. For example, putting them in charge of the business class or first class.

Once a purser has gained enough work experience, they can be promoted to a senior cabin crew. This profile is also known as Cabin Supervisor or Cabin Manager. As a senior cabin crew, your job is somewhat similar to a purser but instead of being in charge of a particular cabin, you are in charge of the entire cabin crew of the flight. The purser will also report to you. You have to ensure the cabin crew provides the best customer service to all the passengers on the flight. You will also be responsible for the training of any new recruits. At the end of each flight, it is your duty to ensure the necessary paperwork has been filled out. 

Some cabin crew might eventually decide to work for ground staff such as passenger services or crew controllers. In bigger airlines, cabin crew members get the opportunity to work for many other opportunities like HR, sales, marketing, safety training, etc. 


An entry-level flight attendant with no prior experience can earn up to an average of 3.1 LPA. This comes to an average of 25k per month. However, with many years of experience, this pay can go up to 6.9LPA. This pay scale may vary for different airlines as well as job locations.



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