Things to Consider when Purchasing a Corded or Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

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If you are searching for a hassle free, safe and wallet friendly lawn mowing solution, an electric mower could be your best available option. Unlike the conventional lawn mowers that run on gasoline, these run on electricity using an electric cord or a battery unit that can be recharged numerous times. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying an electric mower.


 The size of your yard is the first that should be taken in consideration. A regular corded electric mower is suitable for you if have a yard of about to 5,Guest Posting000 ft2. In the case of a larger yard, you should go with a cordless one with extra batteries or a riding lawn mower. With the corded mower there are certain limitations given by the number of available power outlets and also by how long the electric cord is. Unless your yard is a small one, it is much more convenient to go with a cordless electric mower.

 In the case of electric lawn mowers without cords, which are available with removable batteries, it is preferable for you to be able to buy extra batteries. Thus, you can easily and conveniently replace the flat one with another battery that is fully charged. The removable battery can also be charged in any other locations as well, not just where you store the mower.

 Cordless electric lawn mowers include a voltage rating of 36 or 24 Volt, while the fuel tank’s autonomy is calculated in watt hours. The watt hours rating can be calculated by multiplying the amp hour rating by the voltage rating of the battery.

 The cutting swatch or deck size of the electric mower denotes the lawn’s width cut on every pass made when mowing. Larger deck size means bigger lawn mower, so it is an important factor to consider, especially if you have a limited storage space.

 If you are short with storage space, go with a model with collapsible handle, enabling you to keep it in compact spaces. With electric mowers there is no need for fuel for the motor, saving you money and valuable storage space.

 Check the available warranty options, as in most cases these mowers have a 2 year warranty, while others have lifetime warranty when it comes to the lawn mower deck. As most problems generally occur in first six months up to 12 months after the purchase, a warranty which exceeds this period is actually a bonus.

 Price is also an important factor. With a fixed budget, get the best product for your available money as it will probably save you a considerable amount of money in the long term on repairs and general maintenance.


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