Differences Between a Regular Mop and a Steam Mop

Jun 1


Jay Sanders

Jay Sanders

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As conventional mops are in use from the 15th century and their design has remained basically the same, it is perfectly logical to assume that they adequately do the job. Still, the cleaning industry is no stranger to new developments and they do have a product superior to regular mops.


 Conventional mops

Although the materials used to make mops are now stronger and more effective,Differences Between a Regular Mop and a Steam Mop Articles most things have remained the same. The first mops were made of pieces of cloth attached to a stick, while the modern ones feature sponge or cotton heads with wood or resistant aluminum handle.

 In most cases, mops were used to clean floor surface and to absorb spilled water or other liquids. The collected fluid was released by twisting the mop’s head. In modern days, a specially designed bucket that included wringers was used for such mops.

 New models were launched with self-wringing feature. The wringing of the mop required no further accessory being extremely convenient. These mops also featured heads made of numerous layers of highly absorbent strings.


Regular mops are great in getting rid of spilled fluids, but have major deficiencies in terms of sanitation. They fail to absorb food particles and dirt and this is the reason why many people have turned to steam mops.

 Steam mops

These are fairly new products and present a number of similarities to steam irons. Steam mops run are electricity and are easy to work with. They have an incorporated water tank along with a system that generates steam from the water. There is a sensor in the mop’s handle which regulates steam production. This sensor is activated when the mops is pushed forward.

 These steam mops are suitable for most flooring surfaces leading to great results and sanitary without using any extra chemicals. Additionally, steam mops do not leave behind any harmful water spots. Steam mops are highly recommended by the top floor care manufacturers in the world.

 Although these are popular mops, complaints have been also formulated by users. Thus, debris and stuck is removed only with several passes. When used on waxed surfaces, they frequently leave noticeable cleaning marks.

 Steam mop fans say that cleaning is quick and easy because of the built-in water tank. Others claim the water tank is not large enough and the power cord is not long enough to cover a larger room.

 Any type of mop is truly valuable if can lead to the wanted results. If your number one priority is sanitation, you should go with a steam mop. On the other hand, if you want to focus on the removal of food particles and debris, your best option is definitely a regular mop.