5 Major Areas of Counseling

Nov 18


Robin Milton

Robin Milton

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At some point of life, everyone is usually surrounded by personal problems. We get so much confused and lost in the problem as we can't find a suitable solution for that. Only that time, a professional counseling can help.


Counseling is just like a saving boat in a sea storm. Counseling provides a guidance or we can say that an assistance to tackle all sorts of problems. A counselor listen to your issues and show a way to deal with it.

Now,5 Major Areas of Counseling Articles you are thinking that “Everyones problem are different in life. Then, how a single counselor can guide in multiple issues?” The answer of this question is quite simple. Counseling covers a vast area of our daily life issues. Counselors are specialized in a particular field and only deals with the issues related to that field. Some major areas of the counseling are:-

1. Mental Health counseling:-

In this counseling, mental disorders are initially detected and then, suitable technique is applied to reduce the disorder. The Mental issues such as depression, addiction of anything, stress, anxiety and much more with their degree are determined by the health counselor. Effective measures are taken to improve the mental health of a patient.

2. Career counseling:-

Career counselor provides a career direction to the students for their bright future. A career counseling program is held to interact with students. During this counseling, a counselor gather the basic information of students and focus on the issues such as career exploration, career change, interested field and other career issues.

3. Marriage counseling:-

It is a process of counseling in which the dispute of a couple or relation is figuring out and clarified. Initially, counselor act as an active listener who listen both parties. Then, he enables each party to disclose their problems with each other. The main objective of marriage counseling is to improve the relationship quality between both parties.

4. Grief counseling:-

People are very sensitive and soft-hearted. They get in the situation of grief because of losing their loved ones or due to a hard experience. Grief counselors solve this issue using appropriate tools and therapy. For different grief emotions, various tools are used. The grief treatment must be chosen wisely as it can increase the degree of grief in patients.

5. Genetic counseling:-

In this, counselor deals with the genetic disorders that are transmitted from biological parents. A disease or disorder from which either father, mother or both are suffering can be transmitted to the child. The risk of that disorder and its related issues are studied in genetic counseling.

The platform of counseling doesn't stop here. Today, counseling makes its new way on the internet. Online counseling, e mail counseling and much more are also available to make life simpler and better.


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