6 Ways to Gain Control and Stop Binge Eating

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After you figure out why you binge, most people aren't sure what the next step is.  They don't know what to do to stop binge eating.  Here are 6 ways that a person can gain control and stop binge eating.

After you realize that you have binge eating disorder,Guest Posting it’s important to figure out the root of why you binge.  The root is the reason you turn to bingeing; it’s why you do what you do.  This is one of the first steps you need to figure out as you try to move into binge eating disorder recovery.  When you know why you binge, you will be more in tune to staying away from certain circumstances or emotions that could led to a binge.  Many times the hard part is not figuring out why you binge because it seems so obvious.  We are creatures of habit, and will continue to build on previous habits.  Often times binge eating appeals to us when we have too much going on and feel overwhelmed.  When something sad happens in our life, we binge.  Even if we are alone and bored, binge eating sounds desirable.  The problem that many people have is knowing what the next step is after discovering why they binge.  It’s great to know that stressful situations lead you to eating massive amounts of food, but sometimes those situations just aren’t avoidable.  Sadly, stress is just part of our lives.  So what do you do then?Instead of giving up on beating binge eating disorder, try these 6 ideas to gain control:1.  Affirmations  Affirmations are positive statements you say about yourself and your future.  Without realizing it, people use affirmations daily, but they are not always positive.  Many times people say negative things about themselves and that gets registered in his/her mind.  Saying affirmations is such a great tool because it actually bridges the gap between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, thus creating new proposed realities.  The most important thing to remember with affirmations is that you need to state it as if it already your reality.  For example, “I have a healthy relationship with food.”  “I am strong and in control of food.”2.  Journal  In the times that you most want to binge, pull out your journal and pen and start writing away!  Be sure that every feeling you are experiencing gets written down on the paper.  Don’t hold anything back!  Journaling is such a good way to pull yourself out of a potential binge.  It allows for you to get out your positive and negative feelings, without keeping them bottled up inside.  It allows you to get things off of your chest.  You can be as mad as you want on paper without it turning into something destructive like bingeing.  Most importantly, it frees you from any stress or tension you have, which is great because you won’t be as likely to binge eat.3.  Blog  Why not start a blog?  It will act the same way a journal does, but you might get comments back from others who know what you are going through.  Get your feelings and thoughts out on the web and see how it makes you feel.4.  Laugh  Go into your bathroom, shut the door, and start making faces at yourself in the mirror.  This will immediately make you laugh, either because you are truly funny or because you just feel silly.  Either way, it’s good for the soul!  5.  Be accountable  This may be tricky if no one knows that you have binge eating disorder.  If there is a trusted friend, family member, or counselor that you have told, why not hold yourself accountable to them?  You will do anything you can think of to avoid a binge so that you do not have to go back and let that person know that you gave in.  You’ll even come up with some great distractions for binge eating!6.  Cherish yourself  Binge eaters like to reward themselves with food.  You do it a few times, it feels good, and pretty soon it’s a habit for you.  You don’t even think about planning a binge as a celebration; you just do it.  Even though habits are difficult to change, it’s important that you find other things than food to reward yourself with.  Get together with friends, have a massage or pedicure, buy new makeup or clothing, or discover a new hobby.  When you cherish yourself and find a new reward, you will get an instant boost on the inside!  In addition to feeling good about yourself, you will think twice about bingeing and disrespecting yourself like that. Notice to publishers: You have rights to republish this article on your website as long as you keep all links in tact and clickable.  Thank you.

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