7 Best Butters to use as Natural Hair Moisturiser

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Using all natural hair products is the best way to prevent your precious hairs from damage. But, all kinds of butter are not same. We found these 5 best butters for your regular hair care and styling routine

Using Good Quality all natural butter is great to maintain Healthy,Guest Posting attractive hairs. Butter can be used as deep conditioning treatment that softens, lubricates and moisturises hair strands. Most of the kinds of butter are great thermal protections that help in decreasing damage by heavy hair styling and saving from Harmful UV Rays of the sun. Also, they are great as a shield against Chlorinated water.

Best kinds of Butter to Use as a Natural Hair Moisturiser

Shea Butter
Shea butter is made from nuts of shea-karite tree. These trees are native from east and west side of the Africa.
Shea butter is a thick yellowish coloured butter that liquefies at human body temperature. Shea Butter is great for any type of hairs. Hence, this butter is used as one of the most popular ingredients in many hair care Products.
It is packed with palmitic acid, oleic acid and linolic acid. These fatty acids work as a great moisturiser for any type of hairs. The arachidic acid in shea butter has Emulsifying Properties. Also, this butter has steric acid that works as a great protectant and conditioners.

Aloe Vera Butter
Aloe vera butter is a thick white butter made from aloe vera plant. It has almost all properties similar to the shea butter.
But, Aloe butter is available for a cheaper price than shea butter. Aloe butter is great moisturiser like shea butter without greasiness and this is another advantage of using aloe vera butter. Also, it's very light weight butter and does not weigh down your hairs.

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is another widely used ingredient is Hair care products and Hair Loss Treatments.
Cocoa Butter very high in various vitamins, Minerals and Fatty acids. Those heavy nutrients are an effective moisturiser for your dry hairs and skin.
Cocoa Butter is very similar in properties. It has many moisturising and hydrating properties that are very important in maintaining healthy balanced hairs.

Mango Butter
Mango butter is extracted from the kernel of Mango fruits.
Mango Butter has composition almost similar to Shea butter and Cocoa butter. It has very high concentration of oleic acid that helps in extreme moisturization and fighting against dry hairs. Mango butter is very high in Vitamin A, C & E, that helps in fighting against free radical damage.
Hence, this butter is great for hairs that need lots of moisture and UV Protection. It's a great alternative for people allergic to shea butter.

Kokum Butter
Kokum butter is made from fruit kernel of Kokum tree (Garcinia Indica). Kokum trees are widely found in savanna areas of the Indian subcontinent. It's on of the hardest butter on this list.
Kokum butter is a very good ingredient for skin and hair care treatment. This butter effectively works on Hair elasticity, cell oxygenation and hair breakage. Also, it works to make all the nutrients available for hair scalp and skin.
linolic acid in kokum butter helps by stimulating hair scalp for moisturization and conditioning.


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