Acne Alternatives - What Works and What Doesn’t?

Sep 11


Tanya Turner

Tanya Turner

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Acne is a serious problem for many and with so many acne alternatives it is easy to get confused. Thousands of websites offer you miraculous cures and they all have testimonials of people who have used the treatments and succeeded. There is only one problem - a treatment that worked for one person might not work for another. So how would you know which facials, skin care products or nutritional regimens would clear up your skin? Find out what your options are so you can make an educated choice.


Have you tried antibiotics,Acne Alternatives - What Works and What Doesn’t? Articles topical treatments and Accutane and found out that none of this stuff works for you? So now you to seek a nontraditional acne alternative and here are several things you should know before you begin.

Ask around for different alternative acne treatments

First of all, ask around. You probably know several people who have had acne and cured it or who have are in the process of clearing it up now. Ask what worked and didn't work for them. Then try some of the medicine that helped them. However, you should realize that it will take some time before you hit on the right combination of treatments and lifestyle changes that will help you the most.

What acne alternatives are available?

You should also know that like most medicine there are some acne alternative products that contain the same basic ingredients but the price varies greatly. Read the labels, learn what the active ingredients are and first try the less expensive version of the product to see if it works for you at all. If the cheaper medicine worked, then you can go for more expensive stuff.

Ask for help a professional naturopath. They have regiments of vitamins, herbs and gentle cleansers that can be very effective. For example, you would be surprised to know that a popular acne drug Accutane is actually derived from ordinary Vitamin A. Some naturopaths make their patients take vitamin A in high doses, and along with other vitamins and herbs this treatment can be very effective without the dangers of Accutane. This is especially important for girls, because if you become pregnant while taking Accutane it can result in serious birth defects.

Light therapy is one of the most promising acne alternatives. With the application of red and blue ultraviolet light for a set amount of time each day acne can be cleared up. You can go to the esthetician for the treatment. But it is easier and cheaper to purchase a device online that safely emits this type of light. It usually costs about $200.

And the most important thing is persistence. If something didn't work for you, it doesn't mean that nothing will work. Find information about as many acne alternatives as possible and eventually you will find one that will clear up your face.