Acne Scars and How to Treat Them.

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The worst possible physical outcome of acne is the formation of acne scars and it happens to a little under half of all the people who are suffering from severe acne. Instead of getting upset about this outcome, the author suggests understanding your condition and then attacking it with the information you have learned.

What is worse than having acne? The scars that can be left behind.  Now not all people do get scaring,Guest Posting but it is a common effect from developing acne. The acne scars are formed beneath the skin due to the original inflammation of the acne. This makes them very difficult to treat.  The first step to treating the problem is to determine what type of acne scarsthey are.

There are different types of scars that range in how they appear on your skin. These types are listed as followed: ice pick scars (these are narrow scars that form pits in the skin and are among the most common), rolling scars (they create a wave like appearance on your face due to their wide and shallow depth), boxcar scars (they have angular, well-defined edges usually appearing on your temples or cheeks. Some might say the look like chickenpox scars) and finally the hypertrophic/Keloid scars (which are the worse of the four types). These hypertrophic scars are raised above the skin level and stay within the area of the original scar. With time, these scars could reduce in their size. Now the Keloid scars are a little different. They are overgrowths of tissue that expand beyond the original wound site. This type of scar is said to be described as rubbery and firm, and more often than not, itch. From what I have learned, these scars can actually form to become much larger than the original scar.  No matter which type of acne scar a person has, they are still bothersome. No one wants to have his or hers faces disfigured.

There is no need to worry though, there are some options to try and correct the damage caused by acne. Some of the different treatment options range anywhere from laser surgery to different topical creams, all of which will make a difference in your acne scars. There are a couple of problems when dealing with treatments involving lasers and chemical peels.  First off the price can get expensive. Some of these treatments can range anywhere from, at the very minimum, $500 all the way up to a couple thousand dollars. In addition, a good deal of these treatments have to be repeated which is even more money out of your pocket. Secondly, involving laser and chemical treatments, is that there is a higher potential for a dangerous outcome then creams or gels and the re-coop time is a lot longer. You could be out of commission for days.

As I said before, even though the treatments I outlined above are efficient in helping with your acne scars, they are not the most cost efficient or safest bets. What is a good option, regarding your acne scars, would be the topical treatments (creams, gels, etc).  On this note, you have to discover what the best acne cream is for you personally. In my experience from working alongside people with acne scars, the best route to go is the route of using something that doesn’t have to many chemical components in them, because these components seem to have a way of drying and irritating your skin. Using products with Shea Butter or Aloe Vera will keep your skin moisturized while allowing the other ingredients in the products to work their magic. One of those “magic” working additive is an ingredient called Collaxyl. What this ingredient does is play tricks with your skin. It makes the dead skin cells start regenerating again, causing them to start healing from the inside out.

When talking about a specific product, that is up to you. I would just be aware of some of the above when shopping to improve your acne scars. When you make the right decision for your face, you can start living life as if acne was never a part of it.

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