Acne Scars - The After-Effect Of Severe Acne

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Many people who suffer from acne silently endure not only the pimples and redness of their skin, but also other effects.  While there are treatments for the skin, there is no topical cure for the other effects like acne scars, that acne has on its sufferers.  This article will discuss acne scarring, and will help explain how to avoid it.

Even after you have cured acne,Guest Posting it can leave behind permanent scarring.  It is hard to avoid scarring but if you understand the causes of acne, and how your skin works you can minimize the damage acne does to your skin.  Acne scarring is damage that is done to your skin by acne and mismanagement of treatment.  If you pick at the acne on your face, scarring is more likely.  When your skin is damaged your body attempts to heal itself by sending in more white blood cells and other internal guardians to fight the infection and heal the tissue.  Once the body clears itself of the invader any tissue that is not repaired is left as is by the body.  These damaged areas are difficult to be brought back to their original state.

Researchers have tried to determine if anybody is more or less susceptible to acne scarring but as of now there is no hard evidence if certain people or skin types are more likely to scar than any other is.  Although there is no hard evidence dermatologists still believe that certain people and skin types are more prone to scarring.  It is known that the worse forms of acne such as cystic acne are more likely to leave damage behind.  Another fact that is known is that some people heal better than others do.  Acne scars will slowly heal and improve over time on some people while other people witness little or no improvement of their scarring over time.

Is there any way to avoid scarring?  Since so little is known about why one person will scar worse than another will the best treatment is to avoid acne.  If you cannot avoid acne take steps to treat it as soon as an outbreak starts so that the damage can be lessened.  The more inflammation you can prevent and the sooner you can put an end to the outbreak the less damage your skin will have to absorb.  One thing to remember is to treat your acne with medications.  No matter how bad the urge do not pick, poke, or squeeze acne because this will just cause more damage to your skin and increase the likelihood of scarring.  Another thing to realize about acne is that it is caused by internal hormone imbalances and not external dirt, oil, and bacteria.  In order to treat acne properly you have to look to your overall health.  Get plenty of sleep, watch your diet, stay away from stress as much as possible and drink plenty of water.

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