Alcohol Intake can Lead to Impotence

Jan 24


Kelly Kites

Kelly Kites

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If you consume alcohol regularly then this article must be of your interest. It has been proved that excessive consumption of alcohol can result in erectile dysfunction in most of the men. Alcohol significantly slows down the normal functioning of your body.


Many men experience sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction,Alcohol Intake can Lead to Impotence Articles better known as impotence, is a common sexual disorder which can happen to men of any age. However, men who are above the age of 50 are more prone to suffering from it. This condition is characterised by the inability of a sexually aroused man to get or sustain an erection for a satisfactory sexual act. As a result, your mind is often gripped with a feeling of embarrassment, guilt and being less virile than others. This becomes the prime reason for causing friction between couples. There are very few men who prefer to come forward and talk openly about their problems.

You can gradually start losing your self-confidence if you do not seek impotence treatment on time. There are various major reasons which can be attributed to the cause of impotence in men of all ages. Impotence can be caused either due to psychological reasons or physical reasons. The psychological reasons include anxiety, depression, guilt and conflict within the relationship. The physical reasons include diabetes, spinal injuries, smoking and intake of alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to impotence as it is known to slow down the body’s reflexes. If you drink too much then your body functions slow down to a large extent. As alcohol enters your body it has a huge impact on your nervous system and acts as a chemical depressant, which slows down the flow of blood to various parts of the body including the penile area.

Even if you are sexually aroused, you would find it difficult to get an erection if the penile area is deprived of blood. If the flow of blood to the penile muscle wall is restricted then automatically your sex organ becomes flaccid. There are many factors due to which a man becomes sexually stimulated such as working of brain, blood vessels and senses. However, alcohol hampers the working of all these factors. It surely has a negative impact on the way you perform in bed. There are various ways by which you can treat erectile dysfunction. To start with, you can cut down on your intake of alcohol. There are various medications available which can treat impotence effectively.

Cialis is a popular impotence medication which helps you to regain your sexual confidence. It is also known as the ‘weekend pill’ as it is effective for up to 36 hours. The active ingredient of this medication is tadalafil which inhibits the working of an enzyme PDE-5 and increases the flow of blood into the penile muscle. This pill gives you the freedom to have a spontaneous sexual encounter for the complete weekend. You can also treat impotence with the help of Viagra pills. It is the most commonly prescribed medication which should be taken approximately 30 to 60 minutes before indulging in a sexual act and its effects last for up to four hours. It was the first prescription medication launched for treating erectile dysfunction. You can buy this medication from any of the registered online clinics.