All New Teeth in One Day

Sep 15


Andre Torres

Andre Torres

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Tired of Dentures? Take a look at getting all New Teeth in One Day! By far, this is the most successful way to restore an entire set of teeth! Learn more.


Are you tired of dealing with dentures that makes simple things like eating and speaking a chore? What about teeth so broken down they’re embarrassing and keeps you feeling down? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions,All New Teeth in One Day Articles there’s a way to get all new teeth in one day. You can replace all your missing or rotting teeth with ones that are esthetic, comfortable and fully functional.

Get All New Teeth in One Day

Chances are you’ve heard of dental implants, the leading solution for replacing a single missing tooth. Getting all new teeth in one day starts with four dental implants, strategically positioned on an arch inside in your mouth to minimize the need for bone grafting. For most patients, they receive a temporary prosthetic at the end of the same day they get their dental implants placed.

While dental implants are genuinely the best way to replace a single missing tooth, having 32 of them in your mouth can feel heavy and uncomfortable. Single dental implants require bone grafting, making it incredulously expensive for any person looking to restore an entire arch of teeth.

This is a huge step in modern dentistry. Since the 4 implants used to house a prosthetic can be in any evenness along an arch, there’s a lesser need for bone grafting. Any patient who was unable to qualify for traditional dental implants due to excessive bone loss now has a much higher chance to get all new teeth in one day!

Lots of Planning Goes into Getting New Teeth in One Day

With all new teeth in one day, you’re getting a 3rd set of teeth. It’s best beforehand to make sure that they’ll last a lifetime. That’s why at Smart Dental Implants, our dentist uses the Orthopantomograph® OP300. Not only does it capture panoramic CBCT imaging of your entire mouth, it relays it to a computer for the dentist to dynamically envision your oral cavity, make calculations, and create a mock mold to know exactly where to place the four dental implants for peak performance.

Find New Teeth at an Affordable Price

Choosing to get all new teeth in one day is an excellent choice. One thing you need to know is the price for such a procedure. The cost for either an upper or lower arch acrylic prosthetic starts at $19,995. Our zirconia prosthetic arches are a little higher at $24,995. Fact is, this is the most affordable option for all new teeth in one day statewide.

Now. while the price on all new teeth in one day seems daunting, the benefits that support getting them makes it worth it. No longer will you have to worry about the hassles that come with dentures, bridges or any type of partial. No more adhesives, no more awkward cleanings, no more misplacing or having them slip out at the most inopportune times. The all new teeth in one day solution makes it possible to clean your teeth simply by using a toothbrush and flossing in between to clear off any food residue and bacteria.

Furthermore, there are easy solutions as to affording all new teeth in one day. At the dentist, many dental plans are accepted including – Ameritas, Delta Dental, MetLife, United Healthcare, CIGNA, DenteMax Dental and United Concordia. Having one of these plans makes it possible to get a procedure that’s this much for low monthly fees, and will help you stick to a budget that’ll keep your payments on track.

You’ll Find Yourself with All New Teeth with Just One Visit

the dentist is one of the most prominent prosthodontists in all of California. With over 30 years of education and discipline, the dentist has a true and clear understanding for patients all seeking the same thing, new teeth in one day. Unlike other dentists, the dentist doesn’t treat you like a case number, he gets to know you on a personal basis while you’re in his office. A singular dentist, the dentist completes every step of the process with transparency and success.

The entirety of the process for new teeth takes just one day following the day of your Free Consultation. This includes any necessary root extractions, implant placement and attachment of a temporary prosthetic. After a healing period, typically extending 4 to 6 months, you’ll come back to the dentist for a more permanent prosthetic (acrylic or zirconia, your choice) made to last a lifetime.