An Introduction To Anti Oxidants

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Anti Oxidants are quite frequently in use now a days for nutritional and prevention purposes. These are being recommended by doctors to offer protection to living cells from effects of undesired oxidation reaction.

The reaction in certain situations results in chemicals that could even pose threat to the very existence of living cells. Anti oxidant primarily tries to reduce the rate of certain specific oxidation reactions that may cast negative impact on various components of a cell.

In normal situation all living cells possess antioxidants that offer needed protection to cell components. Some of them happen to be enzyme substrate. For example- ascorbic acid. Polyphenol anti oxidant happens to be a normal requisite for all mammals including human beings. Anti oxidants are specifically meant to be helpful in prevention of cardiovascular complication and cancer. However,Guest Posting there exists a controversy over efficacy of anti oxidant medications for various health purposes.

Synthetically prepared antioxidants have more than hundred year old history. In earlier days these anti oxidants were used to check the oxidation reaction pertaining to unsaturated fats. The research in the field of anti oxidants got a real boost, once vitamin C, A and E got identified with anti oxidant properties.

Anti oxidants in cell could effectively check the chain reaction brought about by hydrogen peroxide. These reactive oxygen in absence of an efficient antioxidant could even lead to mutational changes of dangerous type that may give way to cancer.

For people having high level of LDL cholesterol, anti oxidants are recommended to prevent further chemical reactions with LDL that often lead to plaque formation and ultimately cause cardiovascular diseases.

Thus anti oxidants are widely in use due to its two major benefits. The first is its property of being antiatherogenic as it prevents heart related complication and the second beneficial trait of anti oxidants is its anti carcinogenic nature.

Apart from that an antioxidant could be of great help in keeping your eyes in good condition. It also helps strengthen over all immune system of the body.

A good number dietary products are full of anti oxidant properties that could be consumed in plenty for keeping the body in healthy condition. Glutathione, thioredoxin and peroxiredoxin are some of the anti oxidant chemicals that are sold in market as an anti oxidant drug. However there are n-number of other chemicals too that serve the anti oxidant functions well.

But usage of anti oxidants has resulted in various side effects as well. So you should strictly use anti oxidants in consultation with health care provider only.

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