Are These 10 Healthy Foods Really Healthy?

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Some so called healthy foods, on reflection are not so healthy.

You are taking care to only eat healthy foods that are not going to add inches to your waistline. Or eating healthy to take care of your heart. This is of course very wise.

But you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

Why do I say this?Let’s take a look at the 10 so called healthy foods below:

• Brown Bread

• Olive Oil

• Wine

• Fish

• Chicken

• Juice

• Cheese

• Honey

• Milk

• Low Fat

Brown BreadOf course brown bread is better for you than white bread. That’s a fallacy. Unless you are eating Wholemeal or Wholegrain bread,Guest Posting you are doing yourself no favours. What happens is, while being processed all the fibre and other nutrients are lost, so telling yourself brown bread is good for you, means you are just kidding yourself.

Olive OilNow olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean Diet because it is better for you than margarine or butter. Due to it containing monounsaturated fats it is great for your heart. But too much is not going to look after your waistline.

WineWine and other alcohol is often recommended as having health benefits, especially for the more mature person. Yet unless women stick to one glass and men to two glasses a day, it will be counter productive. Meaning any health benefits will be wiped out.

FishFish is good for you, even considered ‘Brain Food’. As it is low in saturated fat and being full of protein, fantastic …… hmmm is there a problem?Unfortunately, it can often be contaminated due to pollution. Eg fish like tuna, mackerel etc while full of Omega 3 fatty acids, that the heart needs to stay healthy, may also contain high amounts of mercury. And mercury is a poison.

Your better choices would be wild salmon, sole and bass. Another good choice is shellfish and canned sardines.

ChickenA piece of chicken is considered a lean meat. But if you eat it with the skin still on it, then you are not eating healthily.

Also do not eat fried chicken. If your choice of meal is some KFC with Chips, yes it’s delicious especially when you eat the skin, that’s where all the flavour is. But bang goes your diet. Maybe that kind of meal should be regarded as a treat, just for once in a while eating.

Which is healthier?A crispy chicken sandwich or a plain hamburger?The hamburger has less calories and less fat.

JuiceApple, cranberry or orange juice contains so many calories per serving that you can almost see your waistline expanding.

CheeseCheese may be full of protein, but it is also full of saturated fat. Only if you eat low or half fat cheese and that in moderation can you hope to win the battle of the bulge. Instead of eating cheese, make a healthier choice and eat some turkey breast.

HoneyAs honey is considered a natural sugar, it is thought not to count in the calories stakes. But even if it is natural, it is still a sugar. So not having much by way of nutrients in it, you would be better to leave it alone.

MilkMilk is said to be good for us. After all babies have nothing but milk for the first few weeks of their life and look at how they thrive on it.

But as we are weaned off milk, we then find there are different kinds of milk.

(a) Semi-skimmed (b) Skimmed (c) Whole Milk

So whole milk should be avoided if you want to stay true to your slimming diet.

Low FatA certain delicious biscuit, is advertised as having only one gram of fat, sounds good doesn’t it? But the manufacturers needed to increase the sugar in them in order to keep them delicious. More sugar means more calories. If you have the will power to only have one biscuit then you should be fine.

How Can You Eat Healthily?

If you want to eat healthily, be sure to read the labels to see just what you are putting into your mouth. And also take into consideration, how you cook / prepare your food.

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