Beating and Avoiding Cancer and Serious Illness Naturally

Jan 31


Tony M. Isaacs

Tony M. Isaacs

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An article from the author's book "Cancer's Natural Enemy" about natural remedies to help beat and avoid cancer and other serious illnesses and diseases.


Many health experts,Beating and Avoiding Cancer and Serious Illness Naturally Articles including oncologists, believe that cancer and other diseases are actually as much immune disorders as diseases.  After all, our bodies were designed by nature to have an immune system that defends against disease, illness and infection.   Unfortunately, lack of proper diet, exercise and lifestyle, combined with the chemicals in the water we drink, air we breathe and food we eat, leave most of us with immune systems that are out of balance and far weaker than they could be.  As a result, disease and illness are able to gain a foothold.

Almost all modern drugs have side effects.  A great many also weaken our immune system and cause side effects leading to other physical problems.  That is a big reason why natural remedies are often so effective:  Besides fighting cancer and other diseases, many natural foods, supplements and vitamins also help build a strong immune system to help fight off disease, and do so without the side effects of modern drugs or radiation.

One thing is certain:  If you want to beat cancer, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis-C or any other major disease, you will have your best chance if you fight back with your entire body and mind.  The stronger you can make your immune system, the healthier you are able to make your life, and the more stress free you are able to make your mind, the better your chances will be.  That is why I have included in this article so much material from my document “A Guide to Living a Long and Healthy Life: which appears in my book “Cancer’s Natural Enemy” and will be the backbone of my upcoming book “How to Live a Long and Healthy Life” – so that you have the best chance possible of winning the battle to beat and avoid cancer and disease.  If you have cancer, HIV-AIDS or another disease, here are the things I highly recommend that you do:

1.         As soon as possible, cleanse your body to get rid of built up toxins like heavy metals and pesticides, as well as the undigested food, fecal matter and gallstones that build up in the body by cleansing your colon and liver and by chelation to rid the body of heavy metals.  Such contaminations are breeding grounds for, and causes of, disease and illness.  A toxic and unclean body weakens the body’s immune system that should be your first line of defense.  Plus, once cleansed, the body is much more receptive to the good measures you take to rebuild your immune system and fight disease.

2.         Immediately eliminate bad habits and begin building build good ones so that you will make sure that you no longer have habits that weaken your immune system and that you will be able to build your body to fight and conquer illness.  Remember, a bad habit is like an invitation card for illness and disease to enter your body.  A good balanced diet, pure water, fresh air, sunshine and exercise are some of the essentials.  You will find that a good diet does not have to be a bad tasting diet – far from it!  However, it should be noted that the very best and most healthy diet is one that is close to the diet our ancestors evolved to utilize:  lots of fresh and uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and tubors, and fish and meat uncontaminated by growth hormones, artificial fertilizers or pesticides – and little or no grain or dairy products.  Likewise, regular exercise does not have to be grueling, but it is essential.  It is not a coincidence that studies have shown up that those who exercise only a few hours each week have up to 50% less chance of developing many different kinds of cancer.

3.         Rebuild and strengthen the body’s natural immune system.  It is very likely that a weakened immune system contributed to your illness in the first place.  It is absolutely certain that a rebuilt and strengthened immune system will help you beat your illness and keep it at bay.  Again, good diet, nutrition and habits are all important – they lay the foundation for a strong and healthy immune system.  However, they are not enough by themselves.  You want to build a good foundation and then make your body a healthy fortress against disease and illness.  Quite simply, disease and illness hate healthy hosts.  The stronger your immune system is, the harder it is for disease to survive and grow.   And, to be the very strongest you can be, you need extra measures in the form of supplements as well as the healthiest foods.  There are a number of very good ones - and I have listed what I believe are the very best here in this article, along with some of the healthiest foods.

4.         Drink plenty of pure water and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  Water is essential for all healthy life; however, regular tap water contains trace amounts of hundreds to thousands of pesticides, carcinogens and other industrial pollutants.  For that reason, the author recommends only the purest drinking water, such as reverse osmosis filtered water.  Don’t overdo the sunshine, but sunshine is essential to the production of vitamin D, and, strange as it may sound, has been found to be essential in warding off melanoma.

5.         Exercise in moderation.  Exercise stimulates the immune system, stimulates the production of natural human growth hormone several times more than the best HGH supplements and stimulators (many of which are bogus), stimulates the production of hormones and pheromones that make us happier and healthier, and simply leads to a longer and happier life period.

6.         The sixth element of beating your disease and keeping it at bay is to go on the attack.  As a matter of fact, all of the elements of the anti-cancer and disease protocol are elements of attack, because they make the body strong and inhospitable to disease.   But what I am talking about here is more than just making the body inhospitable to your disease – I am talking about going on the attack and wiping it out!  In the case of cancer, there are many very potent anti-cancer supplements.  Some of the best ones play a dual role of both strengthening the immune system and attacking cancer cells, and I have listed many of what I believe are the very best ones here in this section.  Several other excellent ones are listed in my book “Cancer’s Natural Enemy”, my document “A Gude for Living a Long and Healthy Life” and an upcoming book by a similar name (“How to Live a Long and Healthy Life”).

7.         Avoid sugar to the greatest extent possible.  Sugar feeds cancer and other illnesses and causes a myriad of other health problems.  Refined sugar is recognized by the World Health Organization as the number one single cause of health problems in the entire world!

8.         The final key to winning your battle is your mental attitude.  Remove as much stress from your life as you can and believe that you are going to win.  Stress and worry accomplish nothing – worse, they are actually allies of illness and disease.  You have surely heard the term “stress, the silent killer”?  It’s true!  So you must do whatever it takes to remove stress from your life and make your mental attitude your ally.  Meditate, take yoga, change jobs, retire, go fishing, find a pleasant hobby – do whatever you must to remove stress and have a positive mental outlook.   Just remember, anyone who introduces or keeps worry and stress in your life is neither a friend nor an ally during this fight.  And make no mistake, it is a fight - likely the biggest one of your life.   But it is a fight you can and will win.  Think it, believe it and live it!

The Best of the Best Supplements

Nerium Oleander Extract

First and foremost in a suggested regimen to beat and avoid cancer and disease would be the common oleander plant, nerium oleander.  Called the desert rose in the Bible, the oleander plant has been used as a folk remedy for over 2000 years in the Middle East.  In 1960 a Turkish doctor named Huseyin Zima Ozel re-discovered the power of this potent plant when he found rural villagers in Turkey who were remarkable free of cancer and other diseases.  For the past 40 years, Doctor Ozel has been treating patients in Turkey with great success and in 1998 he was granted a patent for an oleander extract that has since passed FDA phase I trials.  Oleander extract has been proven in lab studies at such prestigious institutions as MD Anderson and the Cleveland Clinic to kill cancer cells, stop cancer tumors, build immune systems, and increase the body's natural cancer killing T-cells.

Another amazing quality of oleander extract is ability to stimulate the human immune system – our body’s natural first line of defense in beating and warding off disease and illness.  The most active commercially available immune-stimulants are Schizophylan, Krestin and Lentinan, which were patented by the Japanese in the early 1980s. In tests performed in Europe in 1985-86, Nerium Oleander Extract had an incredible SIX TIMES the activity of those other stimulants!  

Over 500 trace compounds have been identified in an aqueous oleander extract, and it appears that many of these compounds act synergistically in ways that no single isolate can.  For this reason, an aqueous (water) extract may well be far more effective than an ethanol extract because many of the water soluble compounds such as long-chain polysaccharides are lost during the ethanol extraction method. Home-made and commercially prepared water extractions of oleander have been used successfully in numerous kinds of cancers as well as hepatitis-c in patients throughout the world.

Another benefit of oleander extract is that it can be used very effectively as a complimentary treatment alongside traditional chemo or radiation.  Besides helping fight cancer and boosting the immune system along, it helps protect the rest of the body and either eliminates or ameliorates every single side-effect of traditional chemo – including hair loss (with one exception, and that being that it does not eliminate hair loss when the chemo treatment includes Cisplatin).

The recipe for making the oleander extract called “Oleander Soup” at home can be found in the author’s book, “Cancer’s Natural Enemy” or can be obtained for free at the Yahoo forum he hosts titled "Oleandersoup".

Please note:  Raw oleander plant is extremely toxic.  Do not handle or ingest raw oleander or any form of oleander that has not been prepared according to the recipe for “oleander soup” in the book "Cancer's Natural Enemy.  While raw oleander is toxic, there have been no reports of serious adverse reactions or side-effects due to properly prepared oleander extract taken according to directions.  The most common side-effects are loose bowels, slight temperature and perhaps mild nausea, all of which should dissipate quickly as the body becomes acclimated to the extract.

Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushroom Extract - “The Mushroom of the Gods”

A few decades ago, researchers noticed that in the mountain region of Ideate near Sao Paulo, Brazil, a regular part of the local inhabitants’ diet was a mushroom known as "Cogmelo de Deus" or "Mushroom of God".  The researches also noted that the local inhabitants were extraordinarily healthy and had a very low incidence of disease, which they attributed to this magical mushroom.

The scientific name of the mushroom is Agaricus Blazei Murrill, more commonly called the ABM mushroom and sometimes referred to as Agaricus Brasiliennis.  So potent is this mushroom that one well-known rainforest herbal manufacturer, uses it as the main ingredients in herbal supplements that have been credited with success against cancer and other diseases around the world.

In a study conducted by Dr. Shoji Shibata, a professor at Tokyo University, several other well known cancer-fighting and immune-boosting mushrooms were compared to the ABM, including Reishi and Shitake. Dr. Shibata's results found that the other mushrooms were not as effective as the ABM mushroom, and so the ABM was ranked at the top of the list of potent mushrooms - a spot befitting the "Mushroom of God"!  Other Japanese and British studies have also shown the ABM mushroom to have the highest concentration of beta-glucan of any mushroom.

The ABM mushroom contains Beta-(1-3)-D-glucan, Beta-(1-4)-a -D-glucan & Beta - (1-6)-D-glucan. Known collectively as Beta-glucans, these long-chain polysaccharides are the most potent immuno-potentiating (immune enhancing) substances yet found. They also have very powerful anti-tumor properties.  When human subjects are given AMB in their diet, a 3000% increase of NK cells, a type of anti-tumor white blood cell known as Natural Killer cells, is seen in the blood within 2-4 days.

In addition to beta glucans, agaricus also contains derivatives of ergosterol, a potent anti-tumor agent; double stranded RNA, an anti-viral agent; proteoglucans and protein bound polysaccharides of low molecular weight, which are immune enhancers; and, protein bound polysaccharides of high molecular weight, vitamins B1 and B2, proteins in the form of amino acids, niacin, iron, and calcium.  There are many verified reports from around the world of this mushroom being used successfully in late stage cancers that had been determined hopeless and some clinics in Europe base their entire treatment protocols on agaricus blazei murrill mushroom extracts and other complimentary botanicals. In fact, in many published studies, the rate of cure for all types of cancer has been in the high ninety percentile range, even for stage 4 lung cancer, where many complete remissions are often seen in just a few weeks.

Cat's Claw

Cat's claw, or Uncaria surinamensis, has been used for centuries in folk medicine in South America for cancer, AIDS, cirrhosis, disease prevention, gonorrhea, herpes, immune disorders, tumors, and many other aliments.  Cat's claw has several groups of plant chemicals that account for its effectiveness:  One such group is oxidole alkaloids that have been documented with immune-stimulant and anti-leukemic properties. Another is a group of chemicals called quinovic acid glycosides, which have documented anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions. Antioxidant chemicals (tannins, catechins and procyanidins) as well as plant sterols (beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol) account for the plant's anti-inflammatory properties. A class of compounds known as carboxyl alkyl esters found in cat's claw has been documented with immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, and cell-repairing properties.  Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, D.C., has stated that Uña de gato (Cat’s Claw) is the most powerful immune enhancing herb of all the herbs native to the Peruvian Amazon.

Pau D’Arco

Pau D’Arco, or Tabebuia avellanedae, is a huge canopy tree native to the rain forest with a long and well-documented history of use by the indigenous peoples of the rainforest. Its use may even predate the Incas.  Among it's many historical uses are for cancer, leukemia, lupus, diabetes, liver disease, Hodgkin's disease, osteomyelitis, Parkinson's disease, and psoriasis.  It also used as a natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent and is a popular natural remedy for candida and yeast infections.  In the 1960s, plant extracts of the heartwood and bark demonstrated marked anti-tumorous effects in animals.  In 1975, one study reported that compounds in Pau D’Arco increased the life span of mice inoculated with leukemic cells by over 80%. In a small, uncontrolled, 1980 study of nine human patients with various cancers (liver, kidney, breast, prostate, and cervix), pure lapachol was reported to shrink tumors and reduce pain caused by them - and three of the patients realized complete remissions.

Coco Plum Extract

The Coco Plum, or Chrysobalanus icaco, is known as "Abajeru" in Brazil and has a history of use there as a folk remedy for diabetes and rheumatism.  A relative newcomer to the modern world of herbal remedies, it has been shown in studies to inhibit the cancer cell growth mechanism of angiogenesis (new blood vessels formation) by 44%, thus demonstrating potentially important use in cancer and diabetic treatments.  During laboratory tests at the University of Rio de Janeiro, it was found that the substance destroyed cancer cells that had been resistant to other treatments, including cells from breast- brain- lung- bowel- larynx- and pancreas tumors.  The scientists also reported leukemia cells that are normally resistant to many medicines and methods of treatment, were also killed.

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon, or Momordica charantia, is found in tropical areas of the Amazon, east Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, and is cultivated throughout South America as a food and medicine.  It contains an array of biologically active plant chemicals including triterpenes, proteins, and steroids. One chemical has clinically demonstrated the ability to inhibit the enzyme that is linked to the cause of psoriasis and  necessary for the growth of leukemia and cancer cells. In addition, a protein found in bitter melon, momordin, has clinically demonstrated anti-cancerous activity against Hodgkin's lymphoma in animals. Other proteins in the plant, alpha- and beta-momorcharin and cucurbitacin B, have been tested for possible anti-cancerous effects. Among the reported properties of bitter melon are:  kills bacteria, kills viruses, kills cancer cells, kills leukemia cells, prevents tumors, reduces inflammation, fights free radicals, enhances libido, cleanses blood, detoxifies, treats diabetes, expels worms, reduces blood sugar, balances hormones, reduces blood pressure, enhances immunity, lowers body temperature, mildly laxative and promotes milk flow. Several studies have demonstrated the anti-tumorous activity of bitter melon. In one study, a water extract blocked the growth of rat prostate carcinoma; another study reported that a hot water extract of the entire plant inhibited the development of mammary tumors in mice. Numerous in vitro studies have also demonstrated the anti-cancerous and anti-leukemic activity of bitter melon against numerous cell lines, including liver cancer, human leukemia, melanoma, and solid sarcomas.

Like several of its isolated plant chemicals, bitter melon also has been documented with in vitro antiviral activity against numerous viruses, including Epstein-Barr, herpes, and HIV viruses. In one in vivo study, a leaf extract increased resistance to viral infections and had an immuno-stimulant effect in humans and animals, increasing interferon production and natural killer cell activity.


Mutamba, or Guazuma ulmifolia, is a favorite natural remedy among Central and South American health practitioners and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.  Among the properties documented by research are: lowers blood pressure, antibacterial, anti-cancerous, antifungal, antioxidant, antispasmodic, anti-tumorous, antiviral, cardiac depressant, cardiotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the heart), hypoglycemic, muscle relaxant, uterine stimulant.  Furthermore, it has been observed in traditional use to also be affective as an anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic (reduces bleeding), cough suppressant, anti-ulcerous, astringent, blood cleanser, cough suppressant, decongestant, diaphoretic (promotes sweating), digestive stimulant, emollient, fever reducer, liver protector, and  wound healer.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a clinically proven, powerful natural antibiotic. It is believed to kill over 650 different disease-causing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast). Colloidal silver was used widely from the time of Hippocrates until around 1938 when the use of synthetic antibiotics became popular.  Silver in both liquid and airborne-aerosol has been known since 1887 to be extremely toxic to Anthrax spores.

Note:  Each of the above botanicals has been used effectively against cancer and other diseases, particularly oleander and the agaricus blazei mushroom.  When combined together, it is the author’s belief that the result will be the most potent natural immune boosting and disease fighting combination you can find.  All of the above supplements are widely available at many health food and herbal outlets, with the exception of Coco Plum extract (chrysobalanus icaco extract), which, as far as the author knows is only available in combination with some of the other listed item in extracts available at on the web.

Other essential supplements and foods:

  • Omega 3 Oils:  including fish oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil
  • Graviola
  • MSM
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Lycopene
  • Co-Enzyme Q-10
  • Milk Thistle
  • Selenium
  • Turmeric
  • Apple cider vinegar (organic non-distilled is by far the best)
  • Astralagus
  • Chlorella & Spirulina
  • Garlic – include both fresh minced or sliced garlic AND garlic in capsule or tablets
  • Good bacteria - such as L. acidophilus and B. bifidium, found in low fat grade A yogurt
  • Almonds and walnuts – eat half a dozen or more each day
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Grape seed extract
  • Blueberries
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables

Just remember that the bad things you avoid can be as important, if not more so, than the good things you include.  For example, nothing can be more important for avoiding and beating cancer and illness than eliminating refined sugar.

Live long, live healthy, live happy!

Required disclaimer: The author is not a qualified medical professional and the information in this arrticle has not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing in this article is intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Anyone who has a medical condition should first see a qualified doctor, preferably a qualified naturopathic doctor or one who has been trained in integrative medicine.